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Scientists fear – Space may make astronauts infertile

Researchers expect that being in space for quite a while may make both male and female space travelers barren, as studies propose. Analyzes in creatures demonstrate that space radiation reasons harm to the sperm propagation of men and to ovaries of ladies. In a study directed via specialists at University of Kansas’ Department of Molecular […]


Cancer Treatment: Stem cells, a New Approach in Cancer Therapy

The conventional modern day cancer therapy rests on chemotherapy and radiation, both of which causes massive damage to normal cells and left the patient severely weakened and perilously clinging to life. Worse the above mentioned treatments caused a number of side effects and often patients succumbed to the side effects of cancer therapy than the […]


2.6 Million Years Ago, Megalodon Sharks Was Terror Of Ocean

An antiquated shark, the biggest to ever live, likely went terminated around 2.6 million years back, researchers have found. While scientists don’t know why titan, 60-foot-long Megalodon sharks went terminated, researchers now have a superior assessment for when it happened. Most Megalodon fossils go over to the center Miocene Epoch (15.9 million to 11.6 million […]


A Mammoth Tsunami Hit Hawaii 500 Years Ago

Recently, the researchers have revealed the evidence of a destructive earthquake that brought a tsunami on the Kauai’s Island about 500 years ago and there is a possibility that a similar event could hit Hawaii’s shores in the coming future. The Live Science reported, “The earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0 happened in Alaska and […]