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A Mammoth Tsunami Hit Hawaii 500 Years Ago

Recently, the researchers have revealed the evidence of a destructive earthquake that brought a tsunami on the Kauai’s Island about 500 years ago and there is a possibility that a similar event could hit Hawaii’s shores in the coming future. The Live Science reported, “The earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0 happened in Alaska and […]


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6; Comparison

Samsung introduced a new series of Galaxy Note in 2011. The devices instantly gained popularity due to their huge and attractive display. The company launched several smartphones for Samsung Galaxy Note range in last three years. Now, Samsung intends to unveil its most recent flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which will be a new member […]

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October 16th Event: What To Expect This Time?

Apple intends to unveil several new products at its upcoming October launch event. The company has already sent the invitations for this event. Apple has not yet announced anything regarding the details of the event. It seems like it is a tradition of Apple to keep everything secretive in order to create more hype for […]

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iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note Edge: Specs, Features, Release Date

iPhone 6 has finally released. With the announcement of iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has entered the phablet category. Samsung, the major rival of Apple, has raised the competition bar to the next level by Galaxy Note Edge. Galaxy Note Edge is a variant of the Galaxy Note 4 which certainly sports a very distinctive appeal […]

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Nexus 6 Release Date, Price and Technical Specifications

The Nexus 5 is waiting to get replaced by its successor. The rumor mill is calling it the Nexus 6. The Nexus 6 came out with impressive specifications, affordable price and stock edition of Android. Few months ago, it was heavily rumored that the Nexus 5 was the last Nexus smartphone. Many notable analysts and […]

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Scientists unveiled the secret of “man in the moon”

Recently,  the Grail data unveiled that the famous “man in the moon” occurred due to volcanic plume instead of an asteroid impact. Scientist created a map of the Procellarum and learned it has a polygonal shape rather than circular. Generally, the polygonal shape consists of sharp angles which are really difficult to form through a […]