10 Must-Have HTC One M8 Accessories for the Ultimate Setup

The HTC One M8 may be one of the most successful smartphones of the year, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t get any better. Because it has been available for the better part of 2014, owners now have the chance to choose from a variety of accessories such as covers, storage, miscellaneous, bluetooth and more.

At the moment, the HTC One M8 is available with most carriers in the United States. It is also possible to purchase Android 5.0.1 Lollipop directly through Google if you want.

HTC One M8 is a stellar phone which has plenty of cool features and functionalities to offer. Some of the most important specs include dual rear cameras, beautiful brushed aluminium design and front facing speakers. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. The following 10 accessories, which we believe are worth buying, should definitely offer you a better experience with the HTC One M8 flagship.

In case you didn’t know, HTC hosted a 50% off sale for many of its official accessories last week. Although most of these deals have expired, there are still plenty of retailers that offer some of the best HTC One M8 accessories at a discounted price. The following accessories are not only useful, but also budget friendly.

1. Best HTC One M8 Cases

Let’s kickstart our list with some of the best smartphone covers for your brand new HTC. If we were to list all the great cases that you can apply on your HTC One M8 we would have probably needed to expand the list with more than 20 points. There are literally so many options for budget-priced and premium cases that we have simply decided to list some of the best here.


The great news is that if you can’t find something that you like, you only have to wait a few weeks. Developers are constantly releasing new cases to match the needs of customers. If you’d rather not spend more than 40 dollars on a HTC One M8 case, although we believe that this is a small sum as compared to damaging your phone, there are still many budget options.

Here are our top picks for HTC One M8 cases:

  • Case-Mate Naked Tough: Some people view cases as fashion statements. Most simply want to protect their phones from damage without having to hide the design of the phone. For the latter category, the Case-Mate Naked cover is a great option. It features a completely transparent design and it is made from two-ply hard shell plastic pieces. What we love most about this case is the fact that it preserves the slim and sleek design of the HTC One.


  • HTC Dot View: this case is quite unusual due to its dot-matrix design. While some may enjoy it, others will not. However, you should know that the cover, which is still transparent enough to receive alerts and swipe, will protect your phone from nearly any type of damage.
  • Cruzerlite S-Line TPU: this list would be incomplete without the Cruzerlite TPU case. This is the perfect type of cover for people who want to add a little more personality to their smart-phone (as it comes in eight two-tone color options). The selling point of Cruzerlite is undoubtedly the fact that it costs only 5.90$.


  • Genuine Leather Pouch: Are you looking for a classic cover? Then the HTC One M8 genuine leather pouch is the ideal choice. You can never go wrong with something as classy as a leather cover.

2. Glass Screen Protector

Granted, this may not be necessarily a HTC One M8 accessory, but it is definitely one that you need to buy in order to ensure full protection for your phone. Glass screen protectors do a great job at protecting the screen and they are also cheap. If you are looking for something special you should also check out our review for Zagg Invisible Shield.


As far as application of glass cover is concerned, this is something that you needn’t do yourself. We advise you to go to a specialized shop and ask them to apply it for you. Most specialists use special oil and anti-dust cloth to avoid bubbles of air.

3. FitBit Flex


How in the world is FitBit Flex an accessory for the HTC One M8, you might ask. It’s actually quite simple. The two devices have a very special relationship. All you have to do is to snag the FitBit app from the official website, insert your details and start working out. Once you start working out, the Flex will begin to track all the activity you do, the distances that you cover and the calories that you burn. Next, it will proceed to serve you reward badges directly into your HTC’s BlinkFeed social media aggregator. This is a great way of encouraging people to keep up their healthy habits.

4. SoundMagic ES20


We are pretty confident that most people who own smart-phones also enjoy listening to music on it. While M8’s front speakers are excellent, they can’t be used on public transportation or at work. Therefore, you need an equally amazing pair of headphones. The ideal choice would be SoundMagix ES20. Not only are they incredibly cheap (only 25 dollars a pop), but they also offer great sound quality.

5. Fast Charger 7.5W AC Adaptor


If waiting for your phone to charge makes you cringe, we might be able to help you. The Fast charger 7.5W AC Adaptor TC P900 comes in a new design with USB port for most HTC devices. For approximately 20 dollars you will be able to charge your phone in less than half the time that you used to allocate at first.

6. TYLT Powerplant Portable Battery


Since we are on the topic of battery, here’s another great HTC One M8 accessory that you should definitely consider purchasing. The POWERPLANT Portable back-up charger will never let you down. This nifty little gadget comes with an inbuilt battery which can provide with approximately two full charges for your smart-phone.

This is the type of accessory designed for power users or individuals who have to travel a lot. The PowerPlant’s features include a 5200mAh battery, a Flex Arm for charging on the go, USB socket for devices, LED battery level indicator etc.

7. Google Chromecast


Now this is a great little gadget that many of you will enjoy. The Google Chromecast, which costs only 35 dollars, can be connected to a HDMI port on the TV. It will then allow the user to install the app on the phone, which will connect directly through Wi-Fi connection. Once installation is complete, the app will send information to Chromecast and the next time you open a video on the smart-phone, it will also be displayed on the TV.

Here are a few key features of the Chromecast: Netflix, Vevo, Pandora, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, AllCast, Google Play Music (movies + TV apps), YouTube, Plex etc.



Awox Striimlight Sl-B10 is an external speakert hat you can add to your HTC One M8. This accessory suggestion may sound surprising, especially considering that the Android flagship already has superb working speakers. What you may not know is the fact that AwoX also comes with a lighbulb.

Not only is this gadget Bluetooth smart, but it is also HTC Connect certified. This means that it works seamlessly with HTC’s flagship. We believe that this is a great app for cozy nights when you just want to chill to some sweet jams and light up your lounge.

9. HTC Fetch


This gadget does exactly what the name suggests: it fetches. There is no feeling more annoying in the world than the one you have after you lost your keys. OK, maybe finding your keys after you changed the lock is worse. Actually, in this day and age, losing your phone is probably the worst scenario because you basically have your entire life recorded there.

With HTC Fetch you never have to misplace your keys again, or anything else for that matter). This great gadget will make your phone ring within 15 meters. All you have to do is attach it to your keys, and use it to help locate your phone (or the other way around). There is even a map function that will let you see when you and your keys / lost objects, were last seen together.

10. Plantronics Voyager PRO


The last item on our list is the Plantronics Voyager PRO HD Bluetooth headset, especially designed for smart-phones. While I love my smart-phones, I can’t help but feel that they are a bit too big for talking on the phone.

This is exactly why I decided to start using the Planronics Voyager Bluetooth headset. This gadget is subtle and efficient, you won’t even know it’s there. Granted, it comes at quite a spicey price – roughly 85.00$ dollars, but it will free up your hands a lot.

Key Features:

  • voice alerts for talk time, connection, volume etc
  • ergonomic design
  • tips, tricks and tools for Android phones
  • HD audio streaming capabilities
  • you will never accidentally dial again
  • Ability to stream music and podcasts

This concludes our list of must-have HTC One M8 accessories. Of course, there are plenty of other gadgets that didn’t make it on our list. This doesn’t mean that they’re any less useful. Here are a few other great accessories that we enjoyed, but that didn’t make our list:

  1. HTC One M8 Stand
  2. portable fold-up keyboard
  3. Extra storage with a 64GB Micro-SD card
  4. HTC Media Link HD
  5. 10.000 mAh Portable charger
  6. Car Dock
  7. Case & Armband
  8. Tripod
  9. jambox speaker
  10. HTC Dual Port Charger

Image Sources: www.shopandroid.com, www.stuff.tv & Cnet.com

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