Survey Shows That Smartphones Are In Charge Of Our Lives


Smartphones have become as vital as a kidney or a lung. People are hooked on them and their whole life relies on the tiny device as survey shows that smartphones are in charge of our lives.

Statistics made by The Pew Research Centre have shown that there are 64% of Americans that posses a smartphone and 10% out of them do not have an internet connection at home, meaning that their phone is the sole device they use to access the internet based on their mobile data plan.

Another group of 15% out of the American smartphone owners, admitted that their means of accessing the internet are pretty much limited and their only device that they mostly use to do that is their personal phone.

According to the survey, there is one American out of five who doesn’t have internet at home or their internet access is limited when it comes to connections outside their data plan provided by their mobile carrier.


Interesting enough, the survey has shown different numbers and associations when taking people by their race and ethnicity.

It was noticed that 13% of the Latin Americans who own a smartphone rely on them as being the only device trough which they can connect to the internet, 12% of the African Americans are in the same situation while just 4% of Caucasian Americans use their phones as their sole as their only internet connection.

However, statistics have shown different numbers when analysing the economical status of the persons. It was shown that 13% of the Americans who have a yearly income of under $30,000 are 100% depending on their phones to access the internet and at the other pole are the Americans who earn around $75,000 per year who are in a number of just 1% dependent solely on their smartphone to browse the web.

Age is also a defining factor in this situation, as 15% of Americans with ages from 18 to 29 years old are entirely addicted on their smartphones to get online.
Going further with the survey, in America the smartphone use has almost doubled since 2011, when only 35% of people owned a smartphone, compared to 64% presently.

The Americans who have proved to be fully dependent on their smartphones to browse the web, showed not to be owning of owning any other type of device to access the internet, or having a bank account or  a health insurance and the chances are that they do not own a house and are renting a place or living with some friends or family.


So what do people al they on their smartphones? Well, according to the study, among others, people are using their phones to kill boredom quite often and sometimes even use it as a tool to avoid people they don’t want to run into.

Other frequent internet phone searches include, looking online for different health conditions, job sites, real estate information. Many of them have been using their smartphones to apply to jobs and subscribe to online courses. But almost all of them are always accessing the news sites and follow the latest headlines and whats going on in the world.

Using only their smartphones as an internet connection can create some financial issues, as many of the have admitted to go trough this. The survey showed that 48% out of them have found themselves in the situation where they had to cancel their data plan as they couldn’t afford it anymore. 30% are consuming all their data traffic and going over the limit almost every month, while 51% go trough this situation quite often.
Image Source: harvest-teens,gwhoffman,huffpost

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