Caavo Streaming Box Seeks to Unify TV Services and Devices

Caavo streaming box

Caavo streaming box will unify all your TV services and hardware.

When you thought that the TV streaming market couldn’t get any bigger than it currently is, where a few major players dominate both the video content as well as hardware part of the business. However, a startup company called Caavo has a new approach to the current way we watch TV, simplifying the use of all the different services and devices.

The Caavo streaming box is a device which is able to unify all the various TV content services, which have launched in the last few years as well as all the different uses of streaming boxes into just one device. This type of service may prove invaluable to some users who subscribe to a large number of services, considering that a lot of TV companies have built their own service, with third-party content being less prominent.

The Caavo streaming box is the result of the $15 million in funding obtained by the company. It provides users with both a universal remote which comes with voice control, as well as a unified TV interface so that you can easily search for your favorite content without the need to constantly switch apps.

TV streaming services, from Netflix, Amazon to HBO and others, have steadily begun to emphasize their original content and rely less on third-party shows to attract users. While this may have led to a wider variety and better quality shows, it also complicates the life of the consumer. From switching different streaming boxes to remotes and apps, it has become quite a chore if you want to stay up-to-date to the last TV shows.

The Caavo streaming box recognizes this problem and seeks to address it. It features eight HDMI inputs, more than enough to connect all your streaming boxes or consoles, which will be added to its interface. Afterward, you select what services you are subscribed to as well as any preferences for what service to be accessed on what device, and you’re good to go. You can now easily search through all the different services using the universal remote and its voice-search function, which can start a show with the command “watch”.

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