Facebooks Enables Job Postings on Pages

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Facebook has started to roll out its job postings feature for business Pages.

Before LinkedIn fully integrates within Microsoft and develops a strategy to further develop and improve the service for a larger number of users, Facebook is trying to capitalize on a number of opportunities previously neglected by the company.

The social network has finally enabled page admins to post job openings as a way to help lower-skilled worker find a job more easily, as well as present new opportunities for those who aren’t actively searching for a new job. The job posting on Pages feature was previously revealed last year, but only now has Facebook decided to roll it out.

As any Facebook user knows, the social network is a great way to keep in touch with a company, its products, and activity, through the Business Pages feature. Thanks to the new job postings feature, companies can easily find new employees among those who are actually interested in the company.

More specifically, a business can issue any number of job postings through their status update composer, which will appear in the News Feed of its followers. All the job openings are hosted in specially designated Jobs tab on the company’s Page. When users see the job posting, they can apply for it directly from their news feed through the Apply Now button. This instantly sends an application through the Facebook Messenger.

Regarding the application, Facebook will pre-fill some of the details with information from the user’s profile, such as name, location, birth date, and even includes your profile picture, in order to speed up the application process. The job postings feature is currently live in the US and Canada.

The new feature represents another ad revenue stream for Facebook, as it enabled companies to pay in order to have their posts turn into ads, which in turn could reach more people. Furthermore, users can easily share job postings with their friends, which could help the recruitment efforts of the business.

The feature is mainly designed for small businesses, which have trouble hiring, but it can be used by any company. It also presents a great way to find a job you never knew you wanted for a better salary, or in a better location.

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