Blizzard Announces Journey to Un’Goro Hearthstone Expansion

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Journey to Un’Goro is the latest Hearthstone expansion.

After rumors circulated that the upcoming Hearthstone expansion would involve Un’Goro for several weeks, Blizzard has decided to finally unveil it. The new expansion will break the established pattern of releases for Hearthstone, which saw a simple card expansion with the Gadgetzan update, and many believed an adventure type of expansion would follow.

However, the announcement of the Journey to the Un’Goro reveals that this expansion will simply add more cards into the mix as well as new card mechanics and features. If you’re not familiar with the World of Warcraft region, you should know that Un’Goro is basically a massive crater filled with various primordial beasts such as dinosaurs and different types of elementals as well as all sorts of dangerous flora. These elements are quite well portrayed in the reveal trailer.

According to Blizzard’s announcement, the expansion will feature 135 new cards, and it will also add a new board to the game, which will feature a volcano, overgrown vines, and lush forests. The announcement trailer only revealed a few cards tied to the new mechanics such as Adapt, specific to dinosaurs. When you play such a card you will be able to choose one of three out of a total of 10 possible enhancements for that card.

One of the most interesting new mechanics involves the addition of quest cards, such as Awaken the Makers which will show up in your first hand. When the card is played, it will all add a quest to your hero, requiring you to play seven deathrattle minions, for example. Once the quest is completed, it will summon Amara, Warden of Hope, a 5-cost 8/8 taunt legendary minion which will also set your hero’s health to 40.

The expansion is set to be released in the coming months, with no precise date being available at this moment. However, until that moment, you can expect to see more cards in the coming weeks. As with all other previous expansions, anyone who pre-orders 50 packs from the Journey to Un’Goro expansion will also receive a new card back titled Fossil.

Furthermore, all Hearthstone players who will log in during the launch period will very likely receive a few free card packs after completing some short quests.

What do you think about the new Hearthstone expansion?

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