Many US Deaths Tied To Soda And Bacon

bacon causes many US deaths

Many US deaths are caused by the fact that people tend to avoid good foods like nuts and seeds.

We all love to eat fast food sometimes. Sugary drinks and sodas are tasty too but they are dangerous for our health. As we have all heard that too much fat and sugar can harm us, a new study ties these products to many US deaths.

It is normal to crave bacon and soda from time to time but studies show that people tend to eat these products more often that they should. This is why researchers decided to show how bacon and soda can damage our health.

This new study suggests that eating too much bacon and drinking too many sodas contribute to more than 40% of US deaths. Despite the fact that these products did not kill these people, they were responsible for the heart diseases and strokes that killed them.

The report also states that good foods are usually skipped by many US people while bad foods are over-eaten. These good foods include seafood, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Many US deaths are caused by the fact that people tend to avoid these products.

The majority of people over-eat bad foods that include processed meats, sugary drinks, and red meats. These products contain too much salt, sugar or fat. Our body is not designed to digest and assimilate so much fat and sugar. This is why many people nowadays suffer from diabetes and heart diseases.

These health conditions caused by bad foods are responsible for 40% of the US deaths. This means that what we eat can be the reason for our health conditions. The researchers who conducted this study recommended people to start over-eating the good foods and under-eat the bad ones.

This report is based on data from more than 700.000 US deaths. These deaths occurred in 2012 and were caused by strokes, diabetes, and heart disease. The researchers also used an analysis of health surveys which questioned its participants about what they usually eat.

Most of the people who participated in these surveys over-eat red meats and under-eat nuts and seafood. This is why researchers also published a guideline that shows the exact amount of bad and good foods that should be consumed by every adult.

What is your opinion about this study? Did you know that these products were responsible for 40% of the US deaths?

Image source: Pixabay

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