Pot And Booze Linked To Lower College Grades

drinking students have lower college grades

Students who did not smoke pot but drank a lot had lower college grades in the first semester.

When you are young and foolish you tend to make a lot of not-so-smart decisions. Many college students want to experiment more and that is why they start drinking more. Some of them try out smoking pot while others smoke it regularly.

The consumption of pot and booze is known for making students care less about studying. A new research shows there is a connection between the high use of pot and booze and lower college grades. This study analyzed US students that had similar academic potential.

In order to find out if the use of booze and pot affected their academic potential, researchers compared the GPAs of the sober students with the GPAs of those who consume booze and pot. When they made the comparison they observed that the differences are huge. They were expecting to see some differences, but not that big.

Students who did not smoke pot but drank a lot had lower college grades in the first semester. As the year went on, they tended to achieve similar GPAs as sober students. This means that they realized that they needed to get better grades.

When it came to heavy users of booze and marijuana, the grades were a lot lower. These students had bad grades in the first semester and they did not do anything to improve them. Sober students, in general, had higher grades than those who drank or consumed pot.

The researchers did mention that they were surprised about one fact. Those who drank a lot were able to get similar GPAs as sober students. This means that heavy consumption of marijuana is much worse for college grades than drinking alcohol.

Although students who drank tended to repair their grades by the end of the year, this doesn’t mean that it is ok to drink regularly. Scientists mentioned that they did this study to show, once again, that alcohol and pot can make students have lower college grades.

Both marijuana and booze can impair attention, memory, the ability to identify differences, and executive functions. This can cause students to be less efficient at retaining information in class and at studying. All of these cause students to have lower grades and even quit college.

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