Twitter Flags Sensitive Accounts

Twitter sensitive accounts

Now, there are sensitive accounts on Twitter instead of just posts.

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that cares about its users. Since it is very popular and a lot of people post there, it is expected to find some inappropriate content. In order to get rid of that content and to make users feel safe, Twitter has been trying to flag anything that is racist or violent.

Until now, the things that were flagged as sensitive were the posts. A few days ago, Twitter’s decided to make a change. Now, there are sensitive accounts instead of just posts. This means that the company is making it hard for those users that have posted inappropriate content.

For instance, once you post something that it is considered as abusive, the whole account is considered sensitive. Normally, in this case, the post would have been flagged as abusive or deleted. Due to the fact that now there are sensitive accounts instead of simple posts, people are not pleased.

Many people think that this is a bit abusive because it can be considered a violation of the freedom of speech. This might be a little over the line for those who believe this. Yes, Twitter decision to flag sensitive accounts is a bit harsh considering that some people only posted abusive content once.

The sensitive accounts are not available for everyone. Since this is only a limited rollout of the feature, only some people have been listed with sensitive accounts. This means that when somebody enters their account they are going to see a message. That warning message states that the account has sensitive content. The users are asked if they want to continue and to see that account.

After the warning message appears people have the option to view the profile or to go back. Another problem is that people who have sensitive accounts were not notified by Twitter. Many of these people mentioned that they did not receive an email or a message stating that they have posted abusive content or that they have been switched to a sensitive account.

When the company was asked about this change they did not say a lot. The only thing the social media platform spokesman said is that this is just a limited feature. They are only trying it out to see if it is better for their users. Seeing the reactions that were tweeted on the platform some may say that it is not the best decision Twitter made.

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