Brain Activity Continues After The Heart Stops Beating

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A new study suggests that brain activity doesn’t simply stop the moment we die.

We all know that our heart is the engine that keeps us alive. As long as it beats, we live. Apparently, there is a part of our system that works after the heart stops. Our brain is the one that can still function after we are practically dead.A new study suggests that brain activity doesn’t simply stop the moment we die. Although it doesn’t function for a long time after the heart stops, this research shows that the brain works a few minutes after we die.

Brain activity is found in dead patient

The researchers discovered that our brain continues its activity for almost 10 minutes after we are considered dead. Although it might seem odd, the brain activity in dead people is the same as the one in people who are sleeping.

This study was conducted by researchers from the University of Western Ontario. Their findings show, once again, how complex the brain really is. Previous studies conducted on decapitated rats showed that their brain still worked a minute after they were killed. This new research shows that there is a big difference between the brain activity observed in people and the one observed in rats.

In order to conduct this study, scientists analyzed 4 people who were taken off life support. They analyzed both the brain activity levels before and after they were taken off life support. The researchers observed that one of the patients’ brain was active more than 10 minutes after he was considered dead.

A Rare Phenomenon, Not a Scientific Fact

Despite the fact that scientists observed brain activity after death, they are more inclined to believe that it was a rare phenomenon and not a scientific reality. However you put it, the research shows that some people can experience brain activity even after they are dead.

Due to the fact that it has ethical implications, the researchers mentioned that they can’t continue their studies. The researchers mentioned that they can’t consider these findings a scientific fact because only one of these patients had brain activity after he was dead.

The team of scientists completed the research by saying that death is a mysterious phenomenon. They also stated that this phenomenon is different for every person that experiences it. This is because every person’s system reacts differently when he or she dies.

What is your opinion about this study?

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