The Size Of Black Men Is Overestimated

black men

Black men are often seen as a threat, despite the fact that they are not.

Racism is still a big problem even nowadays. People perceive black men as being more muscular when compared to white men. This is why black men are considered to be more of a threat than white men.

A new study shows that people have misconceptions about black people. This research was published in the Journal Of Personality and Social Psychology. The biggest issue revealed in this study is the way people perceive black women and men.

They are normally seen as natural athletes and this is why they are seen as a threat sometimes. A series of experiments showed that black men are seen as bigger and more muscular than white men that have the same size. This shows that there are misconceptions about black people.

“Black people are often dehumanized but also super-humanized; this means that people will attribute superhuman characteristics to black people,” said lead author John Paul Wilson

In order to conduct this study, researchers showed the participants photos of black and white men. The participants were shown 45 images of white males and 45 pictures with black ones. All of them were football players. Despite the fact that most of the white men were bigger and taller than the black ones, the participants saw them otherwise.

Most of the participants answered by saying that the black football players were more muscular, taller, and bigger than the white ones. This shows, once again, that black men are often seen as a threat, despite the fact that they are not.

After the participants responded to this experiment, they were put to another test. Researchers told them to imagine that they would fight these men. Most of the participants, once again, mentioned that the black players were “more capable of harming” them than the white male.

The scientists that were involved in this study mentioned that the findings show that many people still base their answers on stereotypes.  This is why more people fear black men and why they think that police should use force against them.  Researchers mentioned that these perceptions could have dangerous consequences.

What is your opinion about this study? Did you know that black males are perceived this way?

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