Cheerios Initiative To Increase Global Bee Population

cheerios wants to increase bee population

Their main goal of the Cheerios initiative is to boost the global bee population

The changes our planet is experiencing have an effect on all of us. Animals are the ones that suffer the most. Many species are on the verge of extinction due to human activity that has caused global warming and climate change. In order to save the species that are endangered or threatened, some companies are taking action.

Great Initiative For The Bee Population

One of the species that has experienced a decline in population numbers is the bumble bee. Bees, in general, are affected by human activity. Despite the fact that they are doing a great thing for our economy, people don’t protect these insects enough.

The bee population is declining more and more every year. This is why a cereal company decided to take action. Cheerios is that company. In order to raise awareness about the bee population decline, they decided to remove their mascot from the cereal box. Their Honey Nut Cheerios product no longer has no mascot.

Until this change, every box of Honey Nut Cheerios had a bee as a mascot. The bee is now removed and instead, there is only the shape of it. The campaign made by Cheerios is running in Canada and the US. Their main goal is to boost the global bee population.

In order to save these insects from going extinct, the company wants to distribute free packets of wildflower seeds. They are also encouraging their customers to plant the wildflower seeds so that the bee population starts to increase.

After people get the seeds and plant them, they can also post pictures of the resulting wildflowers. This initiative was launched last year, in Canada. Now it’s spreading all across the US. The hashtag of the campaign is #BringBacktheBees.

In order to distribute the seeds, the company is organizing events in the US. One of those events took place at FLEUROTICA.  This is an innovative floral fashion show. Today, they are also organizing another event. Cheerios is going to transform the Pioneer Plaza in Chicago into a flower garden.

They are running their campaign on Twitter too. Cheerios is posting updates about it and the event’s outcomes on its respective social media page. The company wants to show, once again, what the bee population does for us. These insects are pollinating more than 35% of the food supply worldwide.

Image source: Flickr

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