Reportedly, There Are Over 20 Million Physically Inactive Britons

physically inactive people

A new study found that over 20 million people living in Britain are quite physically inactive.

A new study went to analyze the lifestyle choices of British people. According to it, over 20 million people living in Great Britain are quite physically inactive, which could come with serious risks to their health. The study and report come from the British Heart Foundation or BHF, a charity organization based in the United Kingdom.

According to the researchers, they considered ‘physically inactive’ any person which did not follow the governmental health guidelines. These state that every individual should accomplish 150 minutes of physical activity each week. This doesn’t even have to be intense, it can have a moderate intensity. Also, they should perform strength activities at least every two days throughout a week.

The BHF found that women are more likely to be physically inactive than men. More exactly, they are 36 percent less active which accounts for some 11.8 million people, compared to 8.3 million men.

The Rates Of Physically Inactive Also Varied According To Region

In its report, the charity also presented a list with the least activity regions in the United Kingdom. North West England residents placed first, with a 47 percent rate of inactivity. They were followed by the Northern Ireland population with 46 percent and the Welsh with 42 percent. North East England and London residents rounded up the top 5 less active.

According to the BHF, this lack of physical activities poses more risks than initially believed. The charity claims that it leads to over 5 million deaths each year at a worldwide level. Exercising regularly is recommended as it can help reduce the risk of circulatory problems and heart disease. This can be reduced by as much as 35 percent. The early death risk can also see a significant reduction thanks to regular exercises, one of up to 30 percent.

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