Kylie Jenner Talks About Tyga Split

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Kylie Jenner confessed that her relationship with Tyga ended naturally.

Few can argue that the Kardashian-Jenner family holds a place in the public as true reality star kingpins. Considering their high profile status, the relationship of the youngest sister in Kardashian-Jenner lineup (Kylie) was a religiously followed saga by many. When the relationship with Tyga ended in April of this year, the masses expected a bold headline inducing event for the ages. A he said/she said volley where we could all sit back with some popcorn and cast our lots into the coliseum of speculation was surely to unfold. Onlookers of the public romance were shocked when the relationship ended with a subdued, puttering finale. For a relationship packed with titillating drama, its ending was anything but.

The Tea

Many can catalogue the relationship of Kylie and Tyga as the stuff of imagination starting in 2014. When they were realized as a pair, although not publicly, Kylie was still underage. A fact that was cause for intense speculation and comment from the start. After her 18th birthday, the two become more public as a couple and let the relationship banner fly.

After a short split in fall of 2015, the pair made headlines again when Tyga’s ex and mother to son Lion began a relationship with Kylie’s brother Rob Kardashian. A relationship, that in its own right, was an epic unfolding. Chyna and Rob’s relationship aside, the dynamic of the quadrangular relationship perplexed us all.

Now we finally find ourselves in the present, the relationship having ended between Kylie and Tyga some four months ago. However, straight from Kylie’s own mouth, there was no grand explosive release of tension. The two simply parted ways, but she definitely implies it was by her own initiation.

The young Jenner now finds herself in a budding relationship with Travis Scott and hopes to experience more of young love while still at a youthful age. Time will tell what that story will look like.

Overall, as a relationship riddled with quirks and theater, the end of the Kyga dynamic duo seems to of met a mature and otherwise uneventful conclusion.

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