Time Warner Cable Customer Records Leaked Due to Error

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It seems like a configuration error done by some of Time Warner Cable’s vendors made public on the internet an entire data base. The problem was that this data base contained info for over 4 million accounts belonging to their customers. According to a blog post, BroadSoft, the communication software which Time Warner Cable uses, made about 600 GB worth of private info completely available on the internet.

Error leaks customer records all over the internet

The same blog post from Kromtech Alliance said that most of the private info came from customers of Time Warner Cable. Those came along with data related to AMC Networks and Bright House Networks. One of those files, the biggest one, held private info about 4 million user accounts. Those contained names, passwords, transaction IDs from 2010 until 2017.

Other files, which had a rather large size too, contained info like names. Also, phone numbers and billing addresses, all belonging to Time Warner Cable customers. It’s interesting that just last year, Charter Communication, the second biggest cable company in the United States, acquired both Time Warner Cable and Bright House.

However, according to an official statement, the company reportedly removed all the files immediately after discovering the issue. The issue is currently under investigation. Until now, BroadSoft failed to comment on this situation.

It’s important for the users who know they have used the MyTWC app recently to secure their accounts. Change the passwords, along with their usernames. Also, according to Time Warner Cable, the company is going to contact every user that had their information made public.

All in all, it seems like those errors are happening more often. Especially when it comes to sensitive and private information. Until now, people had their worries about hackers stealing their info. Now, they should also be worried about certain companies unknowingly providing them.

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