Former Uber Executive Levandowski Wants to Start a New Religion with an AI God

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Anthony Levandowski wants to found his own religion which worships an AI god

Anthony Levandowski has had an interesting trip to fame, and is best well-known for being the man at the center of the Uber-Waymo scandal. He doesn’t cease to amaze everyone, as now is set to start a new religion. This religion is called ‘Way of the Future’, and is supposed to be worshipping an AI god.

Levandowksi is at the center of the Uber-Waymo scandal

Levandowski started as a Google engineer who slowly became well-known everywhere. After he left the company, he made his own startup, Otto, involving self-driving cars. This startup was bought by Uber, and Levandowski became an executive of the bigger company.

However, he is responsible for the infamous scandal between Uber and Waymo. The latter is a division which belongs to Google, and they claim he stole their technology and applied it in the development of autonomous vehicles. Uber fired him after these accusations, but the trial is still ongoing.

He wants to worship an AI god

Levandowski seemed determined not to disappear from the spotlight. It seems the engineer is set to start a new religion with an AI god. Although many regard AIs as an imminent threat, Levandowski sees it otherwise. He also seems to believe the Singularity is possible, or that such machines can actually become smarter than humans.

So far, this religion, called ‘Way of the Future’ hasn’t applied for the necessary paperwork to become a true religious organization. However, the former Uber executive has submitted other papers, entitling him as the CEO and President of this religious group.

The chances that Singularity will occur are quite small but, even if this does happen, Levandowski wants to be on the right side. He might think this is a good thing, but other experts in the field, including Elon Musk, are terrified by such a scenario.
Image Source: Pixabay

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