Messenger Lite Keeps You Connected to Your Friends While Saving Your Internet Data

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Messenger Lite consumes less data, but still allows you to keep in touch with your friends

Staying up-to-date with whatever’s new and constantly keeping in touch with your friends comes at a price. You might find that Facebook Messenger consumes quite a lot of data, which is not really affordable at the end of the month. However, Facebook thought of a solution, and will now offer people a way to use the messaging service without consuming much data.

Save some data while staying connected

Facebook developed a ‘light’ version of Messenger, which keeps you connected while using significantly less data than the full service. This version is called Messenger Lite, and offers less data-consuming features, while still offering many options for you to communicate with your friends.

Messenger Lite was already available in Australia, India, and 100 other countries. Now, Facebook rolled it out in US as well, together with UK, Ireland, and Canada. The app can already be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but it’s strictly for Android users. Unfortunately, it might take quite a while until it features an iOS version as well.

Messenger Lite removes the features which consume data

Messenger Lite works just like a regular Messenger app. Once you download it, you sign up with your already existent Messenger account. Your contact list immediately gets on display, together with the chats you have already started. However, some features are missing, but this is only meant to make the app run faster and consume less data.

For instance, video chats are no longer available on Messenger Lite, as they consume a lot of data. Also, the chat heads are gone, so you can message someone only after opening the app. However, the lighter version will let you sends emojis or photos, together with regular messages which contain text. This is a clever strategy to keep you connected to your friends, while consuming as few data as possible.
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