Frontier Offered Us the First Glimpse into the Jurassic World Evolution Universe

Jurassic World logo on a dusty brown background

Frontier released a preview on the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution

Developers Frontier have just released their yearly livestream expo, and it came with some special surprises for fans. Gamers had dozens of questions regarding Jurassic World Evolution, the long-awaited dinosaur game. Since the game will only be out sometime during the summer of 2018, Frontier decided it was time to let people find out more about it.

Jurassic World Evolution follows the line of the 1993 movie

Therefore, during the livestream in question, the developers came up with some answers about Jurassic World Evolution which kept bugging the fans for quite a long time. Therefore, the game is dedicated to all those who enjoyed the 1993 film, Jurassic Park. The entire atmosphere revives the cinematic experience, and leads players through all the stages in the development of the park.

Therefore, they start from the beginning, where you can collect samples of dinosaur DNA right from the archaeological sites. Then, you can use genetic engineering to raise your own specimens, and build Jurassic Park. The game won’t let players get bored, as they have to take decisions on how to run the park.

The game will put players at test

Also, they have three options they can choose from, when it comes to administrative details. First of all, the park can serve for pure entertainment. Then, you can choose to show everybody how good your security is by managing to keep the huge reptiles from ravaging the surroundings. In the end, you can use it for research purposes, or you can choose a mix of all three.

The game won’t be easy, as it will test the players’ ability to deal with the unexpected. Therefore, they will have to deal with emergencies, such as biological hazards which threaten your dinosaurs. Frontier developers provided plenty of screenshots from Jurassic World Evolution, where they present the surroundings and the mechanics behind the gameplay.

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