What Is Adult ADHD And What Are Its Signs?

adult adhd sign

Adult ADHD is a mental health condition characterized by difficulty maintaining attention.

Adult ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a mental health condition characterized by difficulty maintaining attention. Currently, it affects more than 3 million people in the United States each year.
Since the cardinal symptoms of ADHD include trouble focusing, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior, Adult ADHD has a profound impact on life activities. Persons with this disorder report relationship difficulties and a poor work performance. They are characterized as being impulsive and having a risk-taking behavior.

Brief Account of Adult ADHD

Some problems linked to inattention include making careless mistakes, having trouble organizing activities, and losing necessary materials. Many adults attribute such difficulties to a lack of energy, forgetfulness or other issues.

These are also erroneously associated with an advancing age. Some have even engineered their lives to avoid activities requiring a high degree of focus. Other adults have underlying medical issues such as untreated diabetes or thyroid issues that make completing tasks difficult.

For these reasons, consulting with a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, or other professionals with specialized ADHD training is of particular importance. In an adult, hyperactivity can take the form of fidgeting, interrupting during conversations, or restlessness.

Between 10% and 60% of children become adults with ADHD. Those who have this condition and are not diagnosed until adulthood must have exhibited inattentive or impulsive behavior before age 12 to receive a formal diagnosis of ADHD as an adult. Although a variety of factors, ranging from gluten sensitivity to parenting techniques, have been blamed for ADHD, a recent study has linked it to brain structure differences. This was determined by using medical imaging.

Adult ADHD is a relatively common condition that is completely treatable with talk therapy, medication or, most often, a combination approach. If you think that either a loved one or yourself are affected, you need to see a licensed specialist for screening and a possible treatment.

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New Study Claims That Running Can Prolong The Life Expectancy

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A new study claims that running can allegedly help prolong the life expectancy by around 3 years.

A new study claims that running can allegedly help prolong one’s life. The researchers state that only two hours of such an exercise per week can help expand one’s lifespan with about three years. Reportedly, neither the speed nor the mileages of the run will matter.

The new research was carried out by Iowa State University scientists. They published their results in the Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases. For their study, the team re-analyzed information and data gathered by previous researchers carried out at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas some three years ago.

These found that running on a weekly basis for some 5 to 10 minutes every day at about less than 6 miles per hour can reduce the mortality risk by even up to 30 percent.

Running Is Reportedly Beneficial Even If Performed At A Slow, Or Rather Short Rate

Now, this new study echoes and reinstates some of the original findings and also comes with new information. For example, they found that the actual pace or mileage of a run do not actually matter. Instead, just the physical activity in itself is enough to reduce the risk of premature death. This was estimated to fall by about 40 percent.

The research team then introduced factors such as drinking, smoking, or various health problems. Nonetheless, the findings still ‘held true’ even in such cases.

Based on the previously gathered data, the team also went to establish that runners engaging in such a physical activity for 2 hours every week, could significantly expand their life expectancy. This could grow by three years or even more. Also, this would translate into less than 6 months of actual running over a 40-years period.

However, people should not expect a further addition in years, no matter how much they run. The team also stated that are as yet unsure what actually cause these benefits, or of why running can extend the life expectancy. They offered the lifestyle as a potential reason, but more research on the matter is still needed.

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Microsoft Has Just Stopped Offering Its Security Bulletins

microsoft security bulletins

Starting with this week, Microsoft will stop releasing its security bulletins.

Starting with this week, Microsoft will stop releasing its security bulletins. These were considered a common fixture as the company has been offering them for quite some years now.

In these reports, Microsoft presented the vulnerabilities it had detected throughout the month. It also brought the accompanying patches needed by its customers. These were considered an especially useful feature for administrators in charge of IT operations.

Microsoft First Announced The Demise Of The Security Bulletins Late Last Week

Microsoft first announced its plans of eliminating the security bulletins back in November 2016. However, it was uncertain about its preferred methods. The last Tuesday bulletin was initially planned for January, and its replacement process should have become available starting on February 14th.

However, in February, the company announced that it would be getting rid of that month’s Patch Tuesday. This decision came just a few hours before releasing the update, which also rendered the timeframe null.

As such, Microsoft decided to offer one more month of security bulletins. It did so as this reportedly gave its clients more time to prepare and move to the SUG. This latter is the “Security Updates Guide” which works as a database content portal.

Users can access, sort, and filter the portal’s content according to need. For example, they can filter it according to the patch’s released date, the affected software, or the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) identifier, among others.

The market was keyed in on the lack of security bulletins earlier this week. On April 11th, Microsoft released cumulative updates for Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, and several other products.

As it is, the company presented its new SUG site as a way in which admins can “view and search security and vulnerability information in a single online database.”

It remains to be seen how well users will adapt to the new format. The company believes that administrators will adapt to the new system and they hope that the will even find it easier to use.

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New Images Reveal That Jupiter Also Has A Great Cold Spot

jupiter great cold spot

Recent observations reveal the fact that Jupiter can boast with its Great Cold Spot, not just the “Red” one.

Recent observations reveal the fact that Jupiter can boast with two “great spots”, not just one as initially believed. The Great Cold Spot, as it is being called, is a cooler area in the planet’s otherwise scorching atmosphere. Jupiter’s newest feature was discovered near its auroras and is the reason behind this dark and cold zone.

The Great Cold Spot On Jupiter Came As A Surprise To Scientists

For a long time, Jupiter has been known for hosting the “Great Red Spot”. Now, the most recent observations determined the existence of another such formation. The Great Cold Spot is situated high up in the atmosphere and expands over an area 24,000 km by 12,000 km. Although similar in size, the “spots” have very different properties.

The “Cold Spot” is about 200 degrees Celsius colder than it’s the atmosphere surrounding it. At the same time, it is still very hot with temperatures reaching in between 426 to 726 degrees Celsius. Also, according to research, the feature may have been created by the planet’s powerful polar auroras.

Jupiter’s magnetic field can interact with its atmosphere, which can drive currents of heat around the gas giant planet. However, this can also create a vortex of cooler gasses in the atmosphere’s outermost layers.

“This is the first time any weather feature in Jupiter’s upper atmosphere has been observed away from the planet’s bright aurorae.”

This was stated by Tom Stallard, a University of Leicester, UK researcher and the study’s lead author. The “cold” spot was spotted using the Cryogenic High-resolution Infrared Ehelle Spectrograph or CRIRES, an instrument of the ESO’s Very Large Telescope. Its data was also combined with information gathered by the NASA InfraRed Telescope Facility.

When combined, this resulted in 13,000 images which offered a variety of data. For example, for how long the spot has been there or its registered changes. As such, they revealed the area’s highly frequent changes, and also suggests that it “continually reform itself”. Research results on the matter were published in the Geophysical Research Letters journal.

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Reportedly, There Are Over 20 Million Physically Inactive Britons

physically inactive people

A new study found that over 20 million people living in Britain are quite physically inactive.

A new study went to analyze the lifestyle choices of British people. According to it, over 20 million people living in Great Britain are quite physically inactive, which could come with serious risks to their health. The study and report come from the British Heart Foundation or BHF, a charity organization based in the United Kingdom.

According to the researchers, they considered ‘physically inactive’ any person which did not follow the governmental health guidelines. These state that every individual should accomplish 150 minutes of physical activity each week. This doesn’t even have to be intense, it can have a moderate intensity. Also, they should perform strength activities at least every two days throughout a week.

The BHF found that women are more likely to be physically inactive than men. More exactly, they are 36 percent less active which accounts for some 11.8 million people, compared to 8.3 million men.

The Rates Of Physically Inactive Also Varied According To Region

In its report, the charity also presented a list with the least activity regions in the United Kingdom. North West England residents placed first, with a 47 percent rate of inactivity. They were followed by the Northern Ireland population with 46 percent and the Welsh with 42 percent. North East England and London residents rounded up the top 5 less active.

According to the BHF, this lack of physical activities poses more risks than initially believed. The charity claims that it leads to over 5 million deaths each year at a worldwide level. Exercising regularly is recommended as it can help reduce the risk of circulatory problems and heart disease. This can be reduced by as much as 35 percent. The early death risk can also see a significant reduction thanks to regular exercises, one of up to 30 percent.

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FDA Suspended The Dixie Dew, A Soy Nut Butter Manufacturer

dixie dew nuts

The FDA decided to suspend activity at Dixie Dew, a soy butter manufacturer as it detected insanitary conditions.

The FDA decided to suspend activity at Dixie Dew, a soy butter manufacturer as it detected insanitary conditions during a control. This latter was also the consequence of another issue. Dixie Dew Products Inc. products may be involved in an E. coli outbreak.

As the FDA or the Food & Drug Administration was investigating an E. coli outbreak, this led it to an Erlanger, Kentucky-based manufacturer, Dixie Dew Products Inc. Reportedly, the authority was initially refused access to the factory. However, according to the FDA statement, they managed to gain access by issuing the Demand for Records under Section 414 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Then, the health authority investigated the facility in between March 03rd and 15th, 2017. Reportedly, this inspection revealed insanitary conditions in the factory.

Insanitary is mostly used in order to name something that is unclean enough as to pose a public health risk. Following the inspection, the FDA found a set of objectionable conditions. Then it advanced a list with this issues to the Dixie Dew.

FDA Decided To Suspend Dixie Dew, Especially Its Soy Nut Butter Production

The Dixie Dew responded to the FDA’s list as it reported a set of actions that will be taken in order to fix the problems. However, the health authority considers that these corrective actions are not adequate as they do not fully address the potential risks associated with them.

As such, FDA decided to issue a Suspension Order. This suspends the facility’s registration and comes with the following limitations. No food is to leave the Dixie Dew factory, be it either for sale or distribution. This decision targets the entire factory, not just the soy nut butter production line.

“The FDA will reinstate Dixie Dew’s food facility registration only when the agency determines that adequate grounds do not exist to continue the suspension of registration.”

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Colon Cancer Increasing Among Millennials

stages of colon cancer

The number of cases of colon cancer at young people increased in the last few years.

This month is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. This condition is often associated with old age. Despite this fact, more young people are starting to develop this type of cancer. A new study shows that colon cancer is increasing among Millennials.

The study conducted by the American Cancer Society shows that more and more young people are suffering from this condition. This type of cancer is the second deadliest one. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned that more people should get a colonoscopy.

After the age of 50 getting a colonoscopy is a normal preventive measure. When you are young you might think that this test is not necessary. Apparently, it can affect younger people too. The number of cases of colon cancer at young people increased in the last few years.

This new study recommends doctors to talk to their patients about this type of cancer. People should know more about how to prevent and treat cancer. In order to decreases the number of colon cancer cases, the American Cancer Society launched an initiative named “80 by 2018”. This project has the goal to make 80% of older people over 50 to get a colonoscopy by 2018.

The research about the increasing cases of colon cancer in young adults was published in JAMA. Researchers also mentioned that the risk of death is decreased if people catch cancer early. This way, the treatment is much more efficient.

Because of the fact that this type of cancer is a slow-moving one, people are more likely to fight it. They have more time to catch it and to treat it. Unlike other types of cancers, colon cancer is developed in years and it can be avoided if people take the test.

People need to stay alert and to see if something changes in their body. If they observe signs like blood in the stool, unexpected weight loss, stomach pain, and change in bowel habits, they should go to the doctor immediately. It is important to go to the doctor sooner than later.

What is your opinion about this study? Did you know that colon cancer can affect young adults too?

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Do Breastfed Kids Have More Benefits?

breastfed kids

A new study focused on understanding the benefits that may come to breastfed kids.

Breastfeeding has been known to bring a lot of benefits to kids. Some studies say that it can make the child smarter, while others state that it can make him or her develop faster. A new research shows that some of the benefits of breastfed kids might not be real.

While it is great for children to be breastfed, the benefits are not that big as it was previously believed. This new study focused on understanding the benefits that may come to breastfed kids. It showed that they might be less hyperactive than kids that were not breastfed.

This is not the first study that looks for evidence about the cognitive development of breastfed kids. Despite the fact that this research wanted to strengthen the idea the breastfeeding makes children smarter, the researchers were not able to find a link.

In order to conduct this study, scientists analyzed almost 8,000 kids. These children were monitored by scientists since they were 9 months old. When the kids turned 3, the researchers evaluated their cognitive abilities. The parents were also asked about the development of their children.

Researchers were trying to find a strong connection between breastfed kids and their stronger cognitive abilities. They were not able to find the link. This is because the difference between breastfed kids and the children that were not breastfed were not that big.

The only benefit found is the lack of hyperactivity. Kids that were breastfed for at least 6 months were less likely to be hyperactive when compared to children that were not breastfed. This benefit was only applicable to 3 year-olds.

When the kids turned 5, the risk of hyperactivity was almost the same for both breastfeed kids and the other children. The researchers also mentioned that children who were breastfed for a shorter period or were not breastfed at all did not show any delays in cognitive development.

A limitation of the study is the fact that only kids who were breastfed for more than 6 moths were studied. This shows that the most important thing is for how long they were breastfed, not if they were or not.

What is your opinion about this study? Did you know that breastfed kids are less likely to be hyperactive?

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Possible Treatment For Deadly Sepsis Was Found

possible treatment

A doctor mentioned that he might have stumbled upon a possible treatment for sepsis.

Sepsis is a condition that kills around 300,000 Americans every year. The problem is that there is no treatment for it. Despite the fact that many experts tried to find one, all of them were ineffective or dangerous.

A doctor mentioned that he might have stumbled upon a possible treatment for this problem. This happened in 2015 when Dr. Paul Marik was treating a woman who had a severe case of sepsis. He observed that her kidneys stopped working as well as her lungs.

He mentioned that the case was so severe that he had to think outside the box. This is when he decided to try a treatment that had shown a moderate success. This treatment consists of intravenous vitamin C. In order to make it more effective, the doctor added a low dosage of corticosteroids. He also administrated another vitamin known as thiamine.

He mixed all of these vitamins and injected the women with them. When he came back the next morning, he was expecting to see the woman dead. Instead, the woman was alive and on the road to recovery.  After this case, he tried the same treatment for his next cases. When he treated more than 50 patients with this mixture, he wrote the results.

Despite the fact that this is not the usual, standard way of testing a possible treatment, the doctor was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of this mixture. Dr. Marik continued to treat his patients with this mixture. The fact that he discovered a possible treatment for sepsis could save the lives of millions of people.

Health experts have started a trial in order to test the possible treatment. They mentioned that, if the mixture is effective, it is going to have a major impact on public health. Despite the fact that many people are excited about this possible treatment, health experts warn that there were a lot of possible treatments that did not pass the follow-up research.

The fact that this possible treatment is made out of vitamin C makes people even more skeptical. Most health experts can’t believe that this simple vitamines can save so many lives. Let’s hope that it passes all of the trials and it becomes an official treatment for sepsis.

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A Solar Robot Skin More Sensitive Than Human Hands?

robot skin

This electronic robot skin was created by a team of researchers from the University of Glasgow.

Robots are not just a fantasy anymore. More and more scientists are trying to design the perfect robot. The one that is both easy to use and efficient. As such, a new robot skin that is powered by the sun has been designed.

This electronic robot skin was created by a team of researchers from the University of Glasgow. They were able to design a self-powered robotic mitt. This robot skin is much more sensitive than a human hand. Professor Ravinder Dahiya is one of the engineers that developed the device. He says that this robot skin is the first of its kind.

The robotic mitt is a great step towards better prosthetic limbs for people. Due to the fact that it is much more sensitive is going to help people feel more than a normal “robotic hand” would. Researchers mentioned that this robot skin is actually a touch sensor. It is made from a single atomic layer of graphene.

In order to make it even better, researchers used solar power to make it work. The robotic skin needs 20 nanowatts of power for every square centimeter. The team of engineers managed to design the touch sensor in such a way as to make it self-powered. So as it takes energy from the sun.

“Whatever light is available, 98 percent is going and hitting the solar cell, it is generating power that can be used to get the sensitivity, the tactile feeling,” mentioned Prof. Ravinder Dahiya.

All the information and feature about this robot were published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials. The researchers mentioned that this robot skin can be used for many things. One of them is to create better prosthetics, but that is not all. The touch sensor can be used for more responsive touch screens.

Based on the fact that it is so slim and transparent is can be used for clothes or for health care devices. The robot skin is also cost efficient. The fact that it can be powered by the sun also makes it a solution for places where there is no electricity.

The team of researchers announced that they want to continue their work. Prof. Dahiya is making a 3-D printed prosthetic hand for this skin. The cost of the prosthetic is around $350. This price is a lot smaller than the one people have to pay for the normal battery-powered prosthetic hands.

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