Acupuncture, Helpful For Treating ER Patients With Indefinite Pain?

hand acupuncture

A new study analyzed the benefits of using acupuncture in treating ER patients.

A new research targeted the potentially beneficial effects of acupuncture performed on some patients that come to the emergency room. It looks to determine if this could be an effective treatment method. One that would also not require pain medication.

“Acupuncture” is used as a general term for describing a series of procedures which target the stimulation of specific points on the body. Although it is a key component of the traditional Chinese medicine, many debates still center around this practice and its utility.

Acupuncture to Help in the ER?

The new study was carried out by Australian scientists and is the largest controlled and randomized trial targeting acupuncture’s use in the emergency room. It involved almost 530 patients, which came in with pains at one of four Australian emergency departments. They reported suffering from ankle sprains, migraines, or acute low back pains. Also, the patients were asked to grade their pain on a 1 to 10 scale.

Those who reported feeling at least a 4 received one of three randomly assigned treatment methods. They either received painkiller, the pain medication and acupuncture, or this latter only.

Reports show that, about an hour following the treatment, no more than 40 percent of the patient felt a pain reduction. Over 80 percent still reported at least a 4-level pain. However, in about a couple of days’ time, most of the patient were reportedly satisfied.

A follow-up showed that almost 83 percent of the acupuncture-only treated patients stated they would “definitely” or “probably” chose such a method again. This was higher than the 81 percent that would want a mixed treatment. Or the 78 percent that would go for painkillers alone.

“Emergency nurses and doctors need a variety of pain-relieving options when treating patients, given the concerns around opioids such as morphine,” stated the study lead, Marc Cohen.

Cohen added that such a method could be a useful alternative for treating patients coming into the ER. It would be particularly useful when the patients cannot take painkillers because of other conditions. Still, Cohen also points out the need for more studies on the matter. Especially ones targeting the patients that still felt pain, no matter the treatment.

Research results are available in the Medical Journal of Australia.

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China Was Successful In Launching Its First X-Ray Space Telescope

space telescope rocket launch

China reported that the launch of its first X-ray space telescope, named Insight, was a success.

China reported that the launch of its first X-ray space telescope was a success. The event took place on June 15 and saw the take off of a Long March-4B rocket, carrying the X-ray satellite. This is set to be used in analyzing and studying pulsars, gamma-ray bursts, and black holes.

First Chinese X-Ray Space Telescope Ready for Use

The Xinhua News Agency offered additional details of the launch. According to these media reports, the rocket took off from the Juiquan Satellite Launch Center located in the northwest of China’s Gobi Desert. The launch occurred at around 11 a.m. local hours, on June 15.

The X-ray Space Telescope is an HXMT (Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope) and has been titled “Insight”. Its purpose is to help Chinese scientists gain further insight into space and its mysteries. Researchers will be using Insight to study black holes and try and understand their evolution.

Also, it will be used to seek to assess the interior of magnetic fields. Thanks to the new telescope, scientists could also take a closer look at pulsars. It can try and determine how these could be used for spacecraft navigation. Insight could also be useful in keeping ‘an eye out’ for gamma-ray bursts that correspond to gravitational waves recorded by the telescope.

The Xinhua release also quoted Zhang Shuangnan, the mission’s lead scientist, as saying that Insight will help “see” into a black hole. More exactly, although black holes are mostly undetectable, the researchers will be making use of the X-ray emitted by matter as it falls into such a black hole. They will also be following this same matter as it gets heated and accelerated within the hole.

Insight is expected to help advance the development of space astronomy in China. It should also contribute to improving the country’s space X-ray detection technology. The X-ray space telescope is also equipped accordingly.

This small observatory in space will carry a trio of detectors: the HE, ME, and LE. Namely, the high energy, medium energy, and low energy X-ray telescopes.

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NASA Recently Presented Its New Model Of A Mars Rover

mars rover

The new Mars rover presented by NASA is set to be a source of inspiration for the young.

Earlier this week, scientists at NASA presented their “out of this world” concept for a Mars rover. As stated by the team, this new vehicle is less about reaching our neighboring planet and more about being an inspiration.

Its futuristic design and concept are looking to inspire the young to desire to find out more about Mars and humanity’s plans of reaching it. Presently, the aerospace agency is looking to send humans to the Red Planet sometime in the 2030s.

The Mars Rover Should Be a Source of Inspiration and Parts?

The futuristic Mars rover was unveiled at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex during a ceremony on June 05. This date marked the start of the agency’s “Summer of Mars” promotion. The spacecraft isn’t exactly a NASA creation as it was built by the Parker Brothers Concepts of Port Canaveral, Florida. Nonetheless, these are reported to have incorporated the input from NASA specialists in their designs.

This new rover is designed to operate on an electric motor. Powered by a 700-volt battery, it will also work thanks to the contribution of a solar panel.

The machine was designed and built so as to be easily capable of splitting in half. Namely, its front part is supposed to work as a scout. For this, it was equipped with navigation and a radio supplied by the Global Positioning System.

The back section of the rover should act as an on-the-move laboratory capable of disconnecting for autonomous research.

Throughout June, this new concept rover will be on display at the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex. Then, in July and August, it will be presented and shown in several other locations as it will be touring the East Coast, according to NASA.

As of September, it will be returning to the visitor center and will join the Astronaut Training Experience attraction set to open in the fall.

According to NASA, this new Mars rover was designed as a concept vehicle. Nonetheless, it also pointed out that some of its elements could actually be used and in a future rover that will reach Mars.

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One Of The Strangest Stars In The Galaxy Is Dimming Again

strangest stars with light bursts

Because of its bizarre dimming, Tabby’s is seen as one of the strangest stars in the galaxy.

Astronomers have been very busy over the weekend after a team of specialists noted that one of the strangest stars in the galaxy is once again at work. Tabby’s star is the reason behind all this hassle as it is once again inexplicably and bizarrely dimming its light.

Tabby’s is officially known as KIC 8462858 but is also commonly called “Boyaijan’s star”. This cosmic body started raising questions as scientists noted its unusual pattern of inconsistent dimming and brightening. These have led to the emergence of many hypotheses. They range from comets, moons, to its being an alien megastructure.

Now, scientists are once again turning their attention to Tabby’s star following an urgent call. On May 19th, specialists asked as many people to turn their telescopes towards the sky in the hopes of gathering data on “Boyaijan’s star”.

One of the Strangest Stars is Dimming Once Again

The scientists to issue this call are hoping that thanks to the great number of telescopes trained towards the sky, they will manage to finally crack Tabby’s mystery.

“At about 4 a.m. this morning [May 19] I got a phone call … that Fairborn [Observatory] in Arizona had confirmed that the star was 3 percent dimmer than it normally is,” said Jason Wright.

He is an associate professor part of the Pennsylvania State University and manager of one of the studies on Tabby’s star. Wright took part in a live webcast on the matter.

He stated that this percentage confirms that the perceived dimming is not a statistical fluke. This also means that specialists have the chance to study the live dimming pattern of the star. Tabetha Boyajian, for whom the star is nicknamed, and her team, were the first to note these cycles back in September 2015.

Initially, scientists were expecting a regular series of brightening and dimming. This would be consistent with the star having a moon or being passed by a swarm of comets.

But Tabby’s changes are in line with neither. So scientists started taking greater attention to the cosmic body. Still, they were unable to predict the duration or appearance of the next dimming. So this latest pattern of dimming is a new chance at studying Boyajian’s.

It will offer scientists fresh new data on the matter, and more information than before. However, most point out that it will still take some time before an exact cause will be established.

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Foot And Leg Amputation Risk Connected To J&J Diabetes Drug

leg amputation risk

FDA researchers analyzed the potential risks of foot and leg amputation caused by Invokana during two clinical trials.

Johnson & Johnson is now required to include a warning on their diabetes drug, Invokana, following an admonition issued by the FDA. This new warning is related to the medicine’s potentially high-risk side-effects. A new study shows that Invokana has an increased potential risk of foot and leg amputation.

New Study Connects Series of Foot and Leg Amputation to Diabetes Drug

FDA researchers conducted two clinical trials to test the drug and see if its incidence for leg amputation is higher than for other similar treatments. These included two study groups. One of them was treated with Invokana, the other with placebos. The research team then noted the increased risk of amputations presented by one of the groups. Amputations occurred twice as often for those who were administered this drug.

During the trials, this procedure was most commonly applied to the middle of the foot and the toe. Still, amputations involving the leg both above and below the knee were also noted. Some of the patients even required more than one amputation.

Based on the results of the trials, the FDA considered it mandatory to place a new warning on the label of Invokana. All drugs are required to present a label with their possible side-effects. This is even more important on severe risks medicine. Before administering any treatment, patients need to be aware of their side effects.

For the Johnson & Johnson produced Invokana, the warning needs to be a boxed one. These types of warnings are added for severe side effects like leg amputation, heart conditions, and respiratory problems. Invokana is part of the new class of drugs for people who have type 2 diabetes.

Health regulators recommended people to address their doctors for any pain, tenderness, infection, or ulcers that might have developed due to this drug. Before starting treatment with it, doctors will also need to take into consideration if the patient has any risk factors for leg amputation.

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An Ohio Police Officer Was The Unintentional Victim Of Fentanyl

ohio police officer

An Ohio police officer accidentally overdosed with fentanyl after a drug bust.

Recently released news once again bring to attention the potentially deadly effects of the opioid fentanyl. Last Friday, May 12th, an Ohio police officer accidentally overdosed after a drug bust carried out that night.

Chris Green is one of the patrolmen part of the East Liverpool police force. On Friday night, he was called into action to inspect suspected of being involved in a recent drug transaction. During this procedure, the officer was careful and wore both a mask and the regulation gloves. According to reports, the car was covered in a white powder.

Ohio Police Officer Close To Dying Because of a Deadly Stain

Back at the station, as the officers were questioning the car owner, one of them pointed to a stain on Green’s shirt. As the man brushed it off with his bare hand, he then started feeling queasy. Within minutes, Green was already on the floor and feeling the effects of the drug.

“I started talking weird. I slowly felt my body shutting down. I could hear them talking, but I couldn’t respond. I was in total shock,” stated Green for a media report.

Luckily, paramedics were already at the scene as they were taking care of the driver of the car, also exposed to the drug. As they saw him fall, they then turned their attention to Green and administered a dose of Narcan. This is capable of reversing the effects of an opioid overdose and is used in emergency cases.

Green was then transported to the hospital and further taken care of. The Ohio police officer reportedly received 3 other doses of Narcan to counteract the effects of his accidental overdose.

The East Liverpool Police Chief, John Lane, released a statement on the matter in which he drew attention to the lethal effects of fentanyl. As the Chief pointed out, both the police officer and the driver could have died if they had been alone. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid some 100 times more powerful than heroin. Fental powder, the cause behind this potentially deadly incident, is so potent that it can become lethal and kill from just a touch.

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CERN Announced The Inauguration Of The Linac 4 Linear Accelerator

linac 4 machine

The new LINAC 4 linear accelerator was formally commissioned at CERN.

In a ceremony conducted in Switzerland on May 9, the new LINAC 4 linear accelerator was formally commissioned at CERN. This new device is but the first step in a number of upgrades coming for the 17-mile collider. Many more changes are going to be made over the coming years. Still, this first one is the key to boosting its power by a factor of five.

Linac 4, A New Light at CERN

LINAC 4 is designed to inject high energy beams directly into the accelerator complex. The plan is to have it up and running by 2021 and at full power by 2025. It will be hooked up to the greater track during the expected shutdown from 2019 to 2021.
“This high-luminosity phase will considerably increase the potential of the LHC experiments for discovering new physics and measuring the properties of the Higgs particle in more detail,” said Director General, Fabiola Gianotti, in a press release about the ceremony.
He continued by pointing out that Linac 4 “is a modern injector” It may also be the first key in the facility’s ambitious plan to upgrade its program. This should help lead “up to the High-Luminosity LHC.”
The Higgs boson is probably the most famous discovery made at CERN. This previously-theorized particle had eluded scientists for years. Now, this new machine will help them peer further into that particle’s nature. Many believe it will be capable of helping provide more than ten times the data currently collected.
This linear accelerator is about ninety meters long, and it was built gradually over the last decade. It is replacing the LINAC 2, which is approaching the age of forty.
A $93 million investment was made in the construction, and the negative hydrogen ions it will inject into the accelerator will triple the power level to over 160 million electronvolts. By the time it is in full operation, they hope to take it to over a quarter billion.
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Gray Death Is A New, Lethal, And On The Rise Drug

gray death chunk

Health authorities are issuing a warning about a new and on the rise drug called the Gray Death.

Health authorities are issuing a warning about a new and on the rise drug. Called the “Gray Death”, this mix of opioids is extremely dangerous and lethal and is unfortunately spreading.

According to authorities, Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio reported the highest number of overdose episodes caused by this combo.

What is the Gray Death?

The new and dangerous mix was named after its physical characteristics, besides its dangerous effects. It seems to have both the consistency and the aspect of a concrete mix. Its composition also varies, which led to even more problems.

Gray death is, in fact, a combination of more than just one drug. Usually, it’s a combination of several opioids, which can lead to fatal effects. Most commonly, it was found to contain heroin, carfentanil, the opioid U-47700, and fentanyl. Carfentanil is occasionally used as a tranquilizer, but only for large animals, for example, elephants.

“Gray death is one of the scariest combinations that I have ever seen in nearly 20 years of forensic chemistry drug analysis,” says Deneed Kilcrease.

She is the manager of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Chemistry Department. According to an earlier press releases, authorities pointed out another major problem with this drug. Sometimes, specialists found this new mix in marked bags that had stamped logos, and which imitated a heroin sale.

This led them to believe that some users did not even know what they were buying. Or that they were about to consume another drug. Specialists also consider that most users are still in the dark about the gray death’s concentration or ingredients. In turn, this makes the drug’s effects even more dangerous, more likely particularly lethal.

Reports show that the gray death has been either injected, swallowed, snorted, or smoked. Over the past three months, reports have tied more than 50 overdose cases to this new mix in Georgia alone. Ohio reported that it is facing a similar problem.

Now, authorities are on high alert and have issued a press release on this highly dangerous combo. They are particularly concerned as the country is passing through a nationwide opioids epidemic.

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People with Slim Jawlines More Likely To Be Left-Handed


A new research observed that people who have a slim jawline are more likely to be left-handed.

Many people associate left-handedness with different random things including a higher rate of mortality. Now, a new research shows a connection between left-handed people and a slim jawline. Those who have certain facial figures are more likely to favor their left hand.

People who have a convex facial profile, as well as a slender jaw, are 25% more likely to write with their left hand. This new study was published in the Journal Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain & Cognition. A team of scientists from the University of Washington conducted this latest research.

For their study, the researchers used three national health surveys. More than 13,536 people in the US were involved in these. The researchers observed that people who have a slim jawline are more likely to be left-handed.

Left-Handed People Could Be At A Higher Risk Of Developing TB?

A slender jaw is actually as rare as writing with your left hand. Only 1 in 5 US people have a slender jaw, and 10% of the population is left-handed. There is a problem too. People who have this facial figure reportedly also have a higher risk of developing tuberculosis.

“Almost 2,000 years ago a Greek physician was first to identify slender jaws as a marker for TB susceptibility, and he turned out to be right.” said study author, Philippe Hujoel.

A lot of studies showed that people who have a slender jaw are more likely to have tuberculosis. Low body weight, as well as a slender jaw, are known as TB markers. Researchers now believe that there is a connection between all three of these elements: TB, a slim jawline, and left-handedness.

For instance, the UK is considered the TB capital of Western Europe. This country registers the highest number of left-handed people, and also a lot of people have slender faces. On the other hand, Eskimos have the lowest rate of TB. This is because most of them are right-handed and also have robust facial features.

The team mentioned the need for more studies on this topic before they can make a connection between the three elements. Now, people will just have to wait and see what new correlations appear between left-handedness and seemingly random things.

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Study Links Man-Made Climate Changes To Extreme Weather Events

climate changes landscape

New study results say they can directly tie severe droughts and extreme weather events to climate changes.

This week, Noah Diffenbaugh of Stanford University released the results of a new study. These claim that they can directly tie severe droughts and extreme weather events to climate changes. As more and more data adds up, most of those changes are reportedly caused by human activity.

Climate Is Not Weather, But…

This new study looked at the recent events of the last few years and compared them to the frequency of similar events in previous decades. As it did so, it tried to find differences in severity, as well as what might be the cause of those differences.
“Our results suggest that the world isn’t quite at the point where every record hot event has a detectable human fingerprint, but we are getting close.” Diffenbaugh said.
In reference to the low Arctic sea ice in 2012, he replied that it would have been “extremely unlikely” to achieve such levels without the influence of global warming. Currently, the sea ice extent is at record-low values.This relatively new field of study is called extreme weather attribution. Reports show that the scientists’ interest in it by scientists is growing.  Questions often arise after extreme weather events, whether it be a hurricane or a drought. These ask whether the phenomenon is something more extreme than those in the past. Or is it that these events happen more often? Maybe it is both? This new field of science is aimed directly at producing the data necessary to find that out.

In the past, scientists have often avoided direct linkage of specific events to climate changes due to naturally fluctuating patterns. New research is pointing out that this may not be possible anymore.

Diffenbaugh also pointed out the “explosion of research”. This has been growing stronger over the last decade. It also reached the point where it will only take a few weeks after a major event to release research results on the matter. If events continue to increase in severity and regularity, this new field may become quite important.

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