Opioid Exposures Among Young Adults And Children

opioid exposures

The opioid exposures among young adults were intentional.

The opioid epidemic is a big problem in the US. State officials are taking action to decrease the rate of opioid overdoses, but they are failing. More and more people are dying from opioid overdoses. Another problem is that the opioid exposures among children are increasing.

Reports show that in the last 15 years, there were more than 188,000 calls about opioid exposures among young adults and children. These numbers were reported by poison control centers in the US. This means that there are more than 11,000 calls every year related to opioid exposures in children.

A new study shows the impact opioids have on children and young adults. When it comes to children younger than 5 years old, the opioid exposures were caused by the fact that they tend to explore and maybe they found a pill and ingested it.

Children older than 6 years old are usually victims of medication errors. Parents sometimes forget the correct dosage or they give them a second dose without noticing. The biggest problem is with young adults. The exposures to opioids in young adults were intentional. Teens have a higher risk of having suicidal thoughts and they might try taking opioids.

The reports show that the opioid exposures increased between 2000 and 2009. Researchers observed that over that period the cases of children’s exposure to opioids increased by 86%. Opioid exposures declined after 2009, but the decrease was minor.

Experts mentioned that this decline is because doctors started to limit the number of opioid prescriptions. Also, parents started to get better at locking away pills from their children. Improved technologies also help prevent people from purchasing large amounts of opioids.

The downside of the improved technology is that people are now replacing opioids with street drugs such as heroin. Despite the fact that the opioid exposures among children decreased, they are still bigger now than they were in 2000.

This report also shows that teens who abuse opioids received a prescription for them before they started abusing them. The rate of teens using these drugs for non-medical and medical use is slowly declining. Despite this fact, the rate is still too high. Researchers mentioned that these findings don’t apply to all the US. This is because opioid exposures affect some areas more than others.

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More Opioid Prescriptions In The US Than Any Other Country

opioid prescriptions

Doctors should stop giving opioid prescriptions.

Opioids are one of the biggest problems in the US. More and more people die from opioids overdose. Despite the fact that the number of opioid prescriptions has been decreasing in the last few years, Americans are the ones that consume the most opioids in the world.

The US is the country where people use opioids more than in any other parts of the world. Despite the fact that states officials have been trying to lower the rate of opioid consumption, this did not happen. A new report shows that US citizens are prescribed 6 times more opioids per capita than citizens in France or Portugal.

The numbers are shocking, especially because there are so many deaths caused by opioid prescriptions. Doctors should stop giving opioid prescriptions. Instead, people should receive other drugs that are less harmful and less addictive too.

Everybody knows that opioids are addictive. Once a person starts to take them they can’t stop easily. After they don’t receive opioid prescriptions anymore, they tend to use other drugs like heroin. These drugs are dangerous. They have cause hundreds of deaths every year in the US.

The most shocking news is that US citizens consume almost 99% of the opioid supplies worldwide. This means that there are countries where opioids are not even prescribed. Despite the fact that many might believe that there are many opioid prescriptions in the US due to the aging population, this is not true.

There are other countries that have more people aged more than 65 and the consumption of opioids is much lower than in the US. One factor that can influence the number of opioid prescription is the aggressive marketing of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

They are the ones who benefit from the consumption of opioids. The ones that produce these drugs are also the ones that still support the consumption of their products in the US. People should stop consuming these drugs and try other alternative measures.

For instance, for chronic back pain guidelines recommend massages and exercises. Drugs are only recommended when these alternative measures fail. Opioids are not recommended in any case since they are so dangerous.

What is your opinion about the fact that the US has the most opioid prescriptions in the world?

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Too Much Screen Time For Children Can Cause Diabetes

screen time

There might be a connection between screen time and diabetes.

Technology has almost become a family member for most of us. We use smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets in order to stay connected, work, and relax. Since they see their parents on the laptop all the time, children tend to spend more and more screen time. We all know that there are some consequences to this problem.

Previous studies showed that children that spend too much screen time have a higher risk of becoming overweight or obese. A new study goes even further. It shows that there might be a connection between screen time and diabetes. Although it might seem like a long shot, researchers believe that children who spend too much screen time are more likely to develop diabetes.

The Effects of Spending Too Much Screen Time

This research was conducted by scientists at the University of London. They analyzed more than 4,400 9 and 10-year olds. Researchers observed that 1 in 5 children spend more than 3 hours in front of screens. They also saw that these kids were heavier. The ones that are more likely to spend more screen time were boys.

The team of researchers mentioned that heavier children have a higher chance of developing insulin resistance. This means that they might have higher levels of blood sugar. Over time, these levels can increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Researchers believe that kids should spend less time watching TV or playing video games.

 “Our findings suggest reducing screen time may be beneficial in reducing type 2 diabetes risk factors,” mentioned the leader of the study, Dr. Claire Nightingale.

In order to be healthy and to avoid disease, children need to spend more time outside, away from any type of screen. This way they can also develop their social and emotional skills. Kids who tend to spend more time playing on the computer or checking their smartphone are less likely to have many friends. This is because they tend to be more isolated than others.

Many studies showed that spending too much screen time is not beneficial for children and adults. Besides the fact that it can increase the chance of obesity and disease, it also increases the feeling of isolation.

What is your opinion about this study? Do you think that it is healthy to spend so much time on the computer?

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Brain Activity Continues After The Heart Stops Beating

brain activity

A new study suggests that brain activity doesn’t simply stop the moment we die.

We all know that our heart is the engine that keeps us alive. As long as it beats, we live. Apparently, there is a part of our system that works after the heart stops. Our brain is the one that can still function after we are practically dead.A new study suggests that brain activity doesn’t simply stop the moment we die. Although it doesn’t function for a long time after the heart stops, this research shows that the brain works a few minutes after we die.

Brain activity is found in dead patient

The researchers discovered that our brain continues its activity for almost 10 minutes after we are considered dead. Although it might seem odd, the brain activity in dead people is the same as the one in people who are sleeping.

This study was conducted by researchers from the University of Western Ontario. Their findings show, once again, how complex the brain really is. Previous studies conducted on decapitated rats showed that their brain still worked a minute after they were killed. This new research shows that there is a big difference between the brain activity observed in people and the one observed in rats.

In order to conduct this study, scientists analyzed 4 people who were taken off life support. They analyzed both the brain activity levels before and after they were taken off life support. The researchers observed that one of the patients’ brain was active more than 10 minutes after he was considered dead.

A Rare Phenomenon, Not a Scientific Fact

Despite the fact that scientists observed brain activity after death, they are more inclined to believe that it was a rare phenomenon and not a scientific reality. However you put it, the research shows that some people can experience brain activity even after they are dead.

Due to the fact that it has ethical implications, the researchers mentioned that they can’t continue their studies. The researchers mentioned that they can’t consider these findings a scientific fact because only one of these patients had brain activity after he was dead.

The team of scientists completed the research by saying that death is a mysterious phenomenon. They also stated that this phenomenon is different for every person that experiences it. This is because every person’s system reacts differently when he or she dies.

What is your opinion about this study?

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Many US Deaths Tied To Soda And Bacon

bacon causes many US deaths

Many US deaths are caused by the fact that people tend to avoid good foods like nuts and seeds.

We all love to eat fast food sometimes. Sugary drinks and sodas are tasty too but they are dangerous for our health. As we have all heard that too much fat and sugar can harm us, a new study ties these products to many US deaths.

It is normal to crave bacon and soda from time to time but studies show that people tend to eat these products more often that they should. This is why researchers decided to show how bacon and soda can damage our health.

This new study suggests that eating too much bacon and drinking too many sodas contribute to more than 40% of US deaths. Despite the fact that these products did not kill these people, they were responsible for the heart diseases and strokes that killed them.

The report also states that good foods are usually skipped by many US people while bad foods are over-eaten. These good foods include seafood, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Many US deaths are caused by the fact that people tend to avoid these products.

The majority of people over-eat bad foods that include processed meats, sugary drinks, and red meats. These products contain too much salt, sugar or fat. Our body is not designed to digest and assimilate so much fat and sugar. This is why many people nowadays suffer from diabetes and heart diseases.

These health conditions caused by bad foods are responsible for 40% of the US deaths. This means that what we eat can be the reason for our health conditions. The researchers who conducted this study recommended people to start over-eating the good foods and under-eat the bad ones.

This report is based on data from more than 700.000 US deaths. These deaths occurred in 2012 and were caused by strokes, diabetes, and heart disease. The researchers also used an analysis of health surveys which questioned its participants about what they usually eat.

Most of the people who participated in these surveys over-eat red meats and under-eat nuts and seafood. This is why researchers also published a guideline that shows the exact amount of bad and good foods that should be consumed by every adult.

What is your opinion about this study? Did you know that these products were responsible for 40% of the US deaths?

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Facebook Developing Technology That Spots Suicidal Users

suicidal users on Facebook

This way, suicidal users will be contacted by an advisor or counselor that can help them.

Facebook is one of the tech giants that wants to support and help its users. It helped people raise money for charity in live videos on Facebook. Now, it is going to use AI technology in order to spot suicidal users.

Due to the fact that people are becoming more and more stressed, suicide is becoming a more common problem. This is why Facebook decided to help people who are feeling down and want to end their life. Many people tend to write messages right before they are planning on ending their lives. Some people even make videos.

Facebook’s technology works with algorithms. They report any data that they think is a warning sign. In order to make sure that they verify everything, the algorithms look at posts, videos, and comments. Once this tech finds something that is considered a warning sign, human reviewers step in. They can contact the suicidal users to find out if everything is ok.

Facebook mentioned that they want to invest more in this project. They mentioned that they want to work with helplines. This way, suicidal users will be contacted by an advisor or counselor that can help them. A collaboration between Facebook and helplines can help people that suffer from depression and what to kill themselves.

Facebook has been spotting suicidal users for more than 10 years. Until now, they relied on other users to report anything unusual. Now that they have the AI technology, it can be a lot easier for the social platform to find and help suicidal users.

The tech giant stated that this is the first time they are using AI tech for reporting posts for troubling content. Facebook also mentioned that they might continue to use AI tech in order to find abusive people or even terrorists.

The social platform decided to roll out the suicide measures for Facebook Live too. This means that the AI tech is going to flag videos that contain suicidal content. This action was taken by Facebook due to the fact that many people killed themselves while broadcasting on Facebook.

What is your opinion about the measures that Facebook is taking to spot suicidal users?

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Google Launches the Meet App for Enterprise Communication

Meet app interface

Google launched its new Meet app for video calls.

Most major tech companies in the market of communication apps usually have two types of services. One involves an app meant to be used by normal users in their everyday life, while the other one is meant to facilitate communication between workers in an enterprise.

Google’s main communication app for video calls was Hangouts. However, it did not really meet the standards required by enterprises, nor it did it have the features required to increase their productivity. With this in mind, Google has decided to launch a new app called Meet.

The Meet app has been designed with the needs and preferences of enterprises in mind. As the name implies, the main function of the app is to easily allow users to hold HD video meetings. Meet comes in the form of either an app or mobile application and it is part of Google’s G Suite line of business products.

While the app may not be yet live to all users in the App store or the Google Play Store, the web application is up and running. However, it is only available on Google’s Chrome browser. The site may feel familiar if you previously used Hangouts, as it includes a simplistic interface without the option of starting a phone call or a text chat.

Instead, the Meet app requires users to easily enter a code in order to join a specific meeting, and even see the meetings you scheduled. Similar to Hangouts, Meet is able to perform group video calls, However, unlike Hangouts, it is not limited to just 10 people, instead, it will offer HD video group calls with up to 30 participants.

Furthermore, the app also includes several other features meant to facilitate communication between members of a team while being on the go. These features include dial-in numbers, easily accessible meeting links, and integration with other Google products like Gmail and Calendar.

The main interface of the app includes a list of your scheduled meetings alongside specific details like the time, subject, location, attendees and more. Joining a specific meeting from your phone will launch the video chat interface. The in-call interface has buttons for mute and switching-off the video.

What do you think about Google’s new Meet app?

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Sleepy Teens Are More Likely to Become Criminals as Adults

a teenager sleeping

Sleepy teens are 4.5 times more likely to commit crimes as adults.

Did you often fall asleep during high school or were you constantly sleepy as a teenager? If so, then a new study shows that as an adult you have a higher predisposition to commit crimes as an adult. Basically, it means that teenage drowsiness did not only affect your present day but it will impact your future as well.

The study was published in the Child Psychology and Psychiatry journal by a team of researchers from the University of York and the University of Pennsylvania. The study reveals that daytime sleepy teens are four times more likely to become criminals in the coming years as adults.  According to Adrian Reine, this is the first such study to show a link between teenage sleeping behavior and the probability of committing crimes as an adult.

For their study, the researchers collected data on the sleeping behavior 15-year-old boys from 101 school around England. The participating students were asked to rate the degree of drowsiness they experience during an average day, as well as having their brain wave activity measured and other psychological responses.

The study accounted for other factors that could determine the criminal future of teenagers besides drowsiness. Therefore, the researchers collected data about the anti-social behavior of the teenagers such as cheating, lying, stealing and fighting. This information was obtained by talking with teachers and other students.

After compiling all the data, after 14 years, the researchers determined which of the participants had criminal records at the age of 29. They discovered that sleepy teens who reported a pattern of repeated drowsiness throughout their teenage years had 4.5 more criminal records than regular students, even after accounting for other factors in their behavior.

Reine emphasized the fact that simply being sleepy as a teenager will not make you a criminal as an adult since criminal activity is mostly determined by the person’s socioeconomic status. The researchers believe that low social class combined with early social adversity leads to daytime drowsiness in teenagers, who could be affected by inattention and brain dysfunction. This combination of factors is what mostly drives sleepy teenagers to commit crimes as adults, a problem which could be solved by simply getting more sleep.

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Sweden Politician Advocating For Paid Sex Breaks

sex breaks

Sweden politicians believe that workers should benefit from more breaks, including sex breaks.

If you believed that paid workouts and meal breaks are the ultimate workplace benefits, you are wrong. A Swedish politician is advocating a very interesting workplace benefit: paid sex breaks. Yes, you read that correctly.

Per-Erik Muskos is a local council member for Övertorneå. He is now proposing that workers should take one hour paid break to have sex with their partners. Despite the fact that this sounds like a crazy idea, the politician has a reason. He mentioned that people have less and less time to spend with their partners.

Studies have shown that people are spending a lot of time working and they are not spending enough time with their partner or their family. This is why he is advocating for workers having paid sex breaks. If you think about is it, it is not a bad idea.

Muskos mentioned that studies have shown that sex and intimacy are very important for the emotional health of people. When people are happy and focused, their work improves. On the other hand, when people are stressed they tend to have a lower productivity at the workplace.

The fact that this kind of break is advocated in Sweden is not unusual. Swedes are known for taking at least 2 breaks every day to enjoy coffee or to simply disconnect and to recharge. Sweden, Finland, and France are known for working a lot less hours compared to other countries. For instance, Swedes work 1,600 hours a year compared to 1,978 hours worked by Russians every year.

Despite the fact that they work a lot less than many other countries, Sweden politicians believe that workers should benefit from more breaks, including sex breaks. This shows that Sweden really values its citizens and their well-being.

Apparently, Sweden politicians now have the key for healthy relationships too. The politician mentioned that people are spending less and less time with their family but reports showed that only 1% of Sweden workers work overtime. This means that they have plenty of time for their family and friends. Despite this, the idea of paid sex breaks is interesting, but it is little chance of being adopted.

What is your opinion about this idea? Do you think that it is going to be adopted?

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Exercise Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer Recurrence

breast cancer recurrence

A new research shows that there is a link between workouts and breast cancer recurrence.

We all know that exercise is a great way to stay healthy. Apparently, exercise can also help people who survived breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer recurrence is lower when people exercise and have a healthy diet.

A new research shows that there is a link between workouts and breast cancer recurrence. This study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The research focuses on the changes people need to do in order to avoid breast cancer recurrence.

The most important change people should do after they have survived cancer is to start exercising. The researchers observed that people who exercised reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence by more than 40%. Despite the fact that people can make other lifestyle changes, exercising is the best choice.

The researchers mentioned that it is not about weight control. They said that exercise also reduces inflammation, improves insulin resistance, and regulates the hormone levels. Working out can also help people fight depression and stress. Both problems are associated with breast cancer.

In this research, the scientists included the amount of time people who survived breast cancer should spend exercising. They mentioned that breast cancer survivors should spend 75 minutes doing vigorous aerobic or 150 minutes doing moderate exercise every week.

The researchers mentioned that in addition to the minutes they spend exercising, they should also have 2 strength-training sessions every week. The specialists mentioned that cancer survivors should ask their doctor before starting to exercise, especially if they had breast cancer surgery.

The team of researchers that completed this study mentioned that people should start taking longer walks before they start other exercises. It is important to start easily in order for the body to get used to the effort gradually.

The authors of the study observed that it is important for breast cancer survivors to keep their weight steady. They should eat less or change their diet because chemotherapy slows the metabolism and this means that they will gain weight. Despite the fact that a healthy diet is important, it did not show any signs of decreasing the risk of recurrence of breast cancer.

What is your opinion about this study? Do you think that exercise can decrease the risk of breast cancer recurrence?

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