AeroMobil’s First Flying Car Will Allegedly Be Running In The 2020s

aeromobil first flying car

AeroMobil will be looking to release its first flying car sometime in the 2020s.

Ever since the first days of science fiction, futurists have imagined flying cars. From Flash Gordon to the Jetsons, many envisioned them to be right around the corner of history. Now, these may actually be here, as a Slovakian startup company has committed to bringing their first flying car design to the market as early as 2020.

Is The First Flying Car Finally Here?

At the international car premiere show, Top Marques Monaco, Slovakian based Aeromobil showed off the prototype of their new design. Sleek and sporty, it can convert from land mode to flight mode in less than three minutes. When on the ground, it has a top speed of one hundred miles per hour. It also has a range of over 450 miles. In the air, it can travel at over 220 miles per hour with close to the same range. This is estimated at around 465 miles. There will only be 500 of the vehicles made in the initial design. These are expected to sell for between $1.3 and $1.6 million.The vehicle is only approved to operate in Europe, and owners will be required to possess a pilot’s license. A runway will be necessary for all takeoffs and landings. Currently, the company is moving forward with getting the first flying car approved for use in the United States. Once that happens, they plan on introducing it in China.

What makes this car different from designs being pursued by companies like Uber and Zee.Aero is that it uses a runway. The others are looking at VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) designs. They would only require landing pads, or maybe no more than a driveway.

“The infrastructure and nature of today’s society simply doesn’t leave much space for flying cars, unfortunately.” This is according to Juraj Vaculik, the AeroMobil CEO.
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Florida Just Released Its Own Mosquitoes In The Fight Against Zika

florida's own mosquitos

Earlier this week, Florida released its own mosquitoes to try and reduce the local population numbers.


Earlier this week, Florida took a new step in its fight against the Zika virus. State officials released its own mosquitoes to try and reduce the local population numbers. These recently liberated specimens were specifically infected with a bacteria which should help stop the spreading of the species.

The mosquito release was carried out by Florida Keys Mosquito Control District authorities. They freed 20,000 male specimens on Stock Island. Through this somewhat unusual method, the state officials will be trying to fight off both Zika as well as other diseases that manifest in the area.

Florida’s Own Mosquitoes Are Carriers Of The Wolbachia Bacteria

Florida’s own mosquitoes were bred by MosquitoMate. This is a Kentucky-based company which specializes in non-genetically modified, natural mosquito solutions. The Stock Island release is a trial test as specialists will be looking at it in order to determine the method’s efficiency and applicability.

All the study specimens are male and have been specifically exposed to the Wolbachia, a naturally occurring bacterium. The plan is to let them loose to mate with Aedes aegypti female mosquitoes. This species is known for being the main carrier of the Zika virus.

As the two species mate, the resulting eggs should not hatch. Even if they do, the ensuing mosquitoes will reportedly not reach adulthood. As such, the mosquito population should be kept at a low as the species stops excessively reproducing.

The Tuesday release is just the first stage in the trial. This will be carried out over a period of three months. State officials will be releasing a new batch twice every week. They will continue doing so until the total liberation of 40,000 additional male specimens.

Authorities hope that this trial will help put a stop to Zika transmissions. Also, it can be helpful in halting the spread of other dangerous diseases as well, as mosquitos are known for carrying various viruses.

“A successful trial with the Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes could mean the availability of a new tool in the fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito […] for the Mosquito Control Districts around the country.” This is according to Executive Director, Andrea Leal.

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New Study Claims That Bed Bugs Are Becoming More Resistant

bed bugs

A new study went to discover the reasons why bed bugs are becoming harder to kill.

A new study went to discover the reasons why bed bugs are becoming harder to kill. According to this research, these have seemingly become more resistant to most common insecticides used to terminate them.

Research results were released earlier this week in The Journal of Economic Entomology. The study team found bed bugs have started showing a lower susceptibility to most pesticides, especially to the two most common ones. These latter are known to contain bifenthrin and chlorfenapyr.

This Is The First Study To Point Out The Increased Pesticide Resistance Of The Bed Bugs

In order to confirm their theory, the research team tested 10 bedbug species. These were collected from across several states including Virginia, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Ohio. They were also gathered from Indiana and Washington DC. Then, the researchers subjected the collected specimens to a pesticide treatment.

Also, the team used a strain known to be susceptible to these insecticides as a control group. As such, they compared the impact of bifenthrin and chlorfenapyr on the two groups. The study went to verify how long it took before their effects started to kick in.

As it is, research noted that killing the collected specimens required a higher concentration of insecticides when compared to the control group. The bugs in this latter group died three days after being exposed to bifenthrin. It also took seven days before their exposure to chlorfenapyr killed them.

However, both these time frames were stretched out in the case of the 10 test populations. These took longer to perish after being exposed to the same quantity of such pesticides. Nonetheless, the research team pointed out as follows.

These ‘pesky insects’ are not unstoppable. “[…], both bifenthrin and chlorfenapyr should be integrated with other methods used for bed bug elimination in order to preserve their efficiency in the long term.”

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Parkinson Symptoms May Be Improved Through This New Method

parkinson symptoms in the brain

A new study believes to have found a new way of ameliorating Parkinson symptoms.

A new study believes to have found a way of ameliorating Parkinson symptoms. The research team considers that it may be able to do so by injecting a modified virus into a specific brain part. By doing so, they should be able to reprogram cells in order to help treat the disease.

People who have Parkinson’s disease have trouble controlling their movements. According to research, this happens as some of their dopamine-producing neurons start dying off. Dopamine is seen as a brain signaling chemical.

Now, this latest study proposes a new way of replacing such neurons. Research was carried out by a team of Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden scientists. They published their results in a paper in the Nature Biotechnology journal.

The research team, led by Ernest Arenas, tested its new method in lab tests on mice. These latter had already lost their brain’s dopamine neurons.

Parkinson Symptoms Could Reportedly Be Reduced, Even Treated, With Help From This New Method

The researchers stated that they injected the study mice with a specifically modified virus. This latter was engineered so as to carry 4 exact genes. These were used for reprogramming astrocytes which are also seen as the support cells of the brain. They were then turned into dopamine-producing neurons. Some 5 weeks later, the researchers started seeing an improvement in the way in which the mice moved.

“They walked better, and their gait showed less asymmetry than controls”. This is according to Arenas, the study lead.

The research team stated that the effects of its virus were only localized in the specific injection area. They did not notice astrocytes turning into dopamine-producing neurons in any other brain region. Also, they did not observe any adverse reactions nor did they see signs of tumors or other such counter effects.

As it is, the team stated that it would have to improve the technique and carry out careful safety checks before even trying such a technique on humans. Nonetheless, preliminary tests found that it may potentially be useful in humans as well.

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The I-85 Bridge Should Be Completed By June 2017

i-85 road june 2017

The GDOT released news about the I-85 which should be ready and reopened by June 2017, more exactly the 15th.

Earlier this week, the Georgia Department of Transportation or the GDOT released news about the I-85. According to this, the collapsed portion should be ready and reopened by June 2017, more exactly the 15th.

GDOT Officials Will Be Trying To Finish The Reparations By June 2017

The additional information about the I-85 was released on Tuesday, during a press conference. According to the GDOT officials, they will be using various methods in order to make sure that the highway will be ready by the promised time. They will be trying to expedite the reconstruction as this is one of the main highways of Atlanta, one also situated at its heart. One of the utilized methods will be contracting incentives, for example.

The GDOT officials stated that they have and will continue asking the state marshal as well as the insurance commissioner to carry out another task. They should be revising the practice of storing materials under a bridge.

This revision should come as a future safety measure. It is also directly tied to the current I-85 investigation. This, as well as the reconstruction in itself, are the result of a fire which broke out last Thursday. The event escalated as flames engulfed construction material surplus which had been stacked under the elevated section of the I-85.

Following this event, a section of the interstate collapsed, which resulted in the road being closed. Currently, local authorities are working on repairing and reopening the segment. Demolition work is still in progress, but should allegedly be completed by the end of the week. Following this step, crews will start removing the debris. Then, they will also begin erecting the new columns and caps that sit atop of them.

“We’re in coordination with GDOT and the June 15 date is achievable”. This is according to Dan Garcia, the C.W. Matthews president. They will be leading the repair efforts.

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Pet Owner Are Warned About Fatal Disease

fatal disease

Leptospirosis, the fatal disease, is a bacterial infection that was transmitted through rat urine.

Health officials are warning pet owners about a rat-borne fatal disease. In New Jersey, more and more dogs are affected by leptospirosis. This fatal disease is a bacterial infection that was transmitted through rat urine. The officials mentioned that more than 10 dogs are being treated in New Jersey.

This infection can be deadly if it’s not caught early. Two dogs already died due to the fatal disease. The others are in critical condition. Health officials stated that dogs can get infected if they drink puddle water. This is why pet owners should be alert at all times in order to stop their dogs from drinking street water.

When the pet owners observe any symptoms they should get the dog to the veterinarian. If the fatal disease is caught early it can be treated. When the condition is in an advanced stage, antibiotics don’t have the same effect. The bacterial infection causes organ failure in the final stage.

This disease can be dangerous for people too. A man died from this condition in February. Other two people got sick. Health officials mentioned that, at the moment, there are no cases of human leptospirosis. The only way to get infected is to come into contact with rat urine. People who work around these animals should be extra careful.

Pet owners should look for symptoms like loss of appetite, urination problems, and fever. If their dog suffers from any of these problems, they should take it to the doctor immediately. Once the dog receives antibiotics it will start to feel better.

“Once it gets into the bloodstream it starts to cause inflammation inside of blood vessels in various organs, one of the more common things to occur is kidney failure” specialist Benjamin Davidson said.

Pet owners should know that there is a vaccine available that can prevent this disease. They should take the dog to the veterinarian in order to give them the preventive vaccine for this fatal condition. Doctors believe that the numbers of cases of leptospirosis are beginning to rise due to the fact that it is hotter outside and people are starting to take their pets out for a walk.

What is your opinion about this fatal disease? Have you heard about it?

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New Rotavirus Vaccine For African Countries

rotavirus vaccine

This new rotavirus vaccine could save hundreds of lives every year.

A large trial in Africa showed the efficiency of a new rotavirus vaccine. Rotavirus is a diarrheal disease that is to blame for 600 deaths a day. This is the main cause of death in kids under 5 years old, in underdeveloped countries. The new vaccine is made by an Indian company.

In order to test this rotavirus vaccine, the company carried out a trial in Niger with the help of Doctors Without Borders. This vaccine is supposed to be even cheaper than the vaccines that are available on the market now. The best thing about this treatment is that it can last many moths without refrigeration.

Before it can be distributed, it must be approved by the World Health Organization. Despite the fact that the process is a long one, experts stated that this vaccine is a leap forward. Although it is not perfect, the vaccine is a great thing for children in Africa.

Every year, more than 215,000 kids under 5 die due to the rotavirus. The most affected countries are Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, and Niger. The problem about this virus is that it can’t be treated with antiparasitic drugs or antibiotics. This new vaccine could be the only chance for these children to prevent the disease.

After it was tested, the experts observed that it was 67% effective in preventing rotavirus-related diarrhea. The vaccine is made by the Serum Institute of India. Another great thing about this rotavirus vaccine is that it doesn’t cause intussusception. This is a rare but lethal bowel obstruction. The first American vaccine for this disease was recalled from the market due to the fact that it could trigger intussusception.

3,500 participants were involved in the trial. All of the kids were from 132 villages. They were supervised by more than 300 medical personnel. Although this trial showed that the vaccine was only 67% effective, it is better than other vaccines that were previously tested.

The leader of the study, Rebecca F. Grais, mentioned that her team is very excited about the results. She said that this rotavirus vaccine could save a lot of lives. The new vaccine can have a big impact on public health. Let’s hope that the new rotavirus vaccine is approved by the WHO.

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The Size Of Black Men Is Overestimated

black men

Black men are often seen as a threat, despite the fact that they are not.

Racism is still a big problem even nowadays. People perceive black men as being more muscular when compared to white men. This is why black men are considered to be more of a threat than white men.

A new study shows that people have misconceptions about black people. This research was published in the Journal Of Personality and Social Psychology. The biggest issue revealed in this study is the way people perceive black women and men.

They are normally seen as natural athletes and this is why they are seen as a threat sometimes. A series of experiments showed that black men are seen as bigger and more muscular than white men that have the same size. This shows that there are misconceptions about black people.

“Black people are often dehumanized but also super-humanized; this means that people will attribute superhuman characteristics to black people,” said lead author John Paul Wilson

In order to conduct this study, researchers showed the participants photos of black and white men. The participants were shown 45 images of white males and 45 pictures with black ones. All of them were football players. Despite the fact that most of the white men were bigger and taller than the black ones, the participants saw them otherwise.

Most of the participants answered by saying that the black football players were more muscular, taller, and bigger than the white ones. This shows, once again, that black men are often seen as a threat, despite the fact that they are not.

After the participants responded to this experiment, they were put to another test. Researchers told them to imagine that they would fight these men. Most of the participants, once again, mentioned that the black players were “more capable of harming” them than the white male.

The scientists that were involved in this study mentioned that the findings show that many people still base their answers on stereotypes.  This is why more people fear black men and why they think that police should use force against them.  Researchers mentioned that these perceptions could have dangerous consequences.

What is your opinion about this study? Did you know that black males are perceived this way?

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Low-Gluten Diet Linked To Increased Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

gluten-free food and type 2 diabetes

A long-term study suggests that this type of diet can increase our risk of type 2 diabetes.

People are trying to find the best diet for them. Some are trying the Mediterranean diet, while others try a low-gluten one. The problem with severe diets is that our bodies lack some nutrients. If we avoid certain products or substances, we might do more harm than good.

Researchers are trying to figure out if a low-gluten diet can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A new study focuses on finding out if the lack of gluten can affect our health. This long-term study suggests that this type of diet can increase our risk of type 2 diabetes.

This study started in 1984 and it estimated how much gluten people eat. More than 200,000 participants responded to food questionnaires every 2 to 4 years. The findings of more than 30 years of study were presented today.

The researchers that conducted this study observed those who eat a lot of gluten were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Those who did not consume gluten had an increased risk of developing this condition over the 30 years of study.

The team of researchers mentioned that they wanted to see the effects of a low-gluten diet on healthy people. They mentioned that gluten-free foods have less fiber. This means that people that don’t suffer from celiac disease should not limit their gluten intake. The only ones that should eat gluten-free products are people that are diagnosed with celiac disease.

Other researchers that were not involved in the study mentioned that they believe the lack of fiber is the problem, not the gluten intake. People that have celiac disease should not be afraid because they don’t have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The problem is that they do have a higher chance of developing type 1 diabetes.

In the study, it was shown that people who eat less gluten also tend to eat less cereal fiber. This could be the reason for which they are more likely to have diabetes. The researchers mentioned that the only ones that should eat gluten-free products are those who are sensitive to it or those who have celiac disease. Healthy people should not start a low-gluten diet because it does more harm than good.

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The Woolly Mammoth May Have Died-Out Due to DNA Mutations

a woolly mammoth on the field

Study finds woolly mammoth specimens suffered genetic meltdown.

While some scientists explore the possibility of bringing back to life the now-extinct woolly mammoth species, others are trying to explain what caused its relatively sudden disappearance. A new study has found that the species acquired too many unnecessary DNA mutations which caused genetic disease and other problems.

Woolly mammoths were among the most common large herbivores roaming the plains of North America and Siberia. Scientists believe that they first developed more than 700,000 years ago, but their population started to decline quite suddenly, after the end of the last ice age which occurred around 10,000 years ago.

Scientists believe that the main cause of their quick disappearance was a combination of factors such as a warming climate and increased hunting by humans. Smaller population persisted on isolated islands in the north until they too vanished more than 3,700 years ago.

Now, a team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, managed to compare the genomes of two different woolly mammoth specimens. One specimen was 45,000-years old from Siberia while the other one lived around 4,300-years ago on the Wrangel Island, off the coast of Russia.

The younger specimen was among the last one of its species but provided the researchers with invaluable knowledge about the changes suffered by the species. They discovered that compared to the older mammoth, the younger specimen had suffered multiple mutations which proved harmful to the normal reproductive functions, which played a big role in the extinction of the species.

The scientists believe that while specimens living on isolated islands managed to avoid human hunters, the years of inbreeding led to the formation of harmful DNA mutations, which practically rendered natural selection completely ineffective.

Normally, in large populations groups, those types of mutations eventually disappear due to natural selection as they cannot compete with specimens which have other beneficial mutations. However, smaller groups have no available mechanism to address this issues and they eventually go extinct.

The researchers believe that the bad DNA mutations affected the olfactory receptors and urinary proteins, which, in turn, affected their social status and mate choice of the woolly mammoth. While the research was limited to only one specimen, the scientists believe that the same changes affected almost all the members of that population.

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