Pictures Of Baby Animals Proven To Have Positive Effects On People

baby animals puppies

New research found that looking at pictures of baby animals could potentially improve relationships.

According to the latest study, looking at pictures of baby animals was proven to have a positive effect on people, possibly even going as far as helping somewhat improve their relationships.

The research team set out to determine if people could become ‘conditioned by repeated associations’. They did so to test out the theory that advances the following idea; can outside sources influence behavioral exchanges between partners?

As the team points out, misattributions processes can lead to an association between an event and a different source.

Baby Animals Pictures to Help Improve Relationships

The Florida State University research team employed the help of 144 married couples. These had been together for no more than 5 years, and the partners were younger than 40. Experiment participants were split into two groups. One of them, the control part, was shown “neutral” images.

The others were presented with “positive” stimuli, ones that showed them puppy pics and photographs of their spouses. It also used words such as “wonderful” or “superb”. The two groups were asked to view their stimuli three times a week, over 6 weeks.

Participants in “positive” incentives group returned a more “positive automatic reaction” to their partners when compared to those shown neutral images, such as a button. At the same time, the first category also presented an overall boost, and better relation, when compared to the beginning of the study. This applied even in cases when the situation was not that happy, to begin with, according to results.

“All the theory I reviewed on evaluative conditioning suggested it should, but existing theories of relationships, and just the idea that something so simple and unrelated to marriage could affect how people feel about their marriage, made me skeptical, ” stated James McNulty.

As such, McNulty, who is the study lead, also expressed his actual surprise at the positive results.

Study findings are available in the journal Psychological Science.

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New Study Offers New Statistics For Young People With ADHD

young people behind the wheel

Young people with ADHD present a higher risk of car crashes, but this can be managed through some simple steps.

The most recent research on the matter returned some new statistics regarding young people with ADHD and their performances behind the wheel. This study found that such drivers present a 36 percent higher risk of crashing when compared to other newly licensed youth. However, this value is significantly lower when compared to the previous report on the matter.

Young People with ADHD Present Manageable Crash Risks

The new survey was conducted by specialists at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Research results are available in a paper in the JAMA Pediatrics.  

The CHOP research is based on data gathered from 18,500 electronic health records. These target children born in between 1987 to 1997. Almost 2,500 among them have been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

“Our results indicate that newly licensed adolescents with ADHD have a greater risk of crashing than other young drivers, but that this is a manageable risk,” said Allison E. Curry.

She is the principal investigator of the CHOP study. According to Curry, the study results indicate that while the crash risk is higher than in general, it is also a manageable situation. Namely, the team considers that the situation can be turned around. Special program for youth diagnosed with ADHD that want to drive could be created.

Namely, they could receive an evidence-based training. They could also be instructed as to the risks and additional requirements of such an activity.

The study team was also reportedly surprised to note the low number of young drivers with ADHD which were prescribed medication, namely, just 12 percent. Previous studies claimed that such a treatment could help reduce crash risks. Still, this method can only be useful if people also take the prescribed medication.

A treatment plan can also be therapeutic and doesn’t necessarily have to depend on medicine. However, researchers consider that youth with ADHD interested in getting behind the wheel should follow one such therapy. Also, they should be informed about the seriousness of operating a car and of the extra attention it requires.

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Playing Video Games Can Seemingly Be Good For College Students

people playing video games

Research claims that playing video games for a moderate number of hours can improve and help develop academic skills.

A new study goes to contradict the common belief that playing video games, at least on a moderate scale, can impose on a student’s academic results. Research claims that such an activity can actually be helpful as it encourages the development of mental adaptability and also communication skills.

Playing Video Games Can Help Academics

This study was conducted by researchers part of the University of Glasgow and led by Matthew Barr. Results are available in a paper in Computer & Education. Research involved the participation of 36 undergraduate students in Arts and Humanities. These were randomly split into units, one of which acted as a control group. Members of the other were asked to log in 120 minutes of play on a number of games.

These had to be achieved over a period of eight weeks, and in total represented 14 hours of gameplay. Participants were offered commercial titles, not targeted at developing skills or learning. The games included Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Minecraft, Borderlands 2, and others.

The study did not impose game hours or a specific number of minutes per day. Instead, they opened a drop-in basis game lab, open in between specific hours, on particular days. On them, the students could come in and play, but the time management was their own responsibility.

“This work demonstrates that playing commercial video games can have a positive effect on communication ability, adaptability, and resourcefulness in adult learners, suggesting that video games may have a role to play in higher education,” states Barr.

He adds that video games can actually have positive effects for their kids. Barr points out that these commercial video games can help develop and encourage critical thinking and reflective learning. They can also improve adaptability, communication, and problem solving, to state just a few.

The study underlines that this activity can be helpful with academics. But the gained qualities are also featured as desirable attributes and extra points in employability.

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Tips on Surviving the Stress of This Election Day

i voted sticker on dark background

Specialists confirmed that election day stress is real and it affects the majority of voters.

The presidential race has never featured two candidates that were more different. The entire nation has been split not between Republicans and Democrats, but Trump and Clinton supporters. Now that Election Day is finally upon us, the stress of knowing that in a couple of hours the fate of the country will be decided could affect the voters.

After a grueling campaign that feels like it lasted for years, yesterday, both Trump and Clinton held their final speeches before Americans went to bed, preparing themselves for one of the most decisive days in American history.

Remember That a President Is Nothing Without a Country

America has been through an Independence War, a Civil War, and two World Wars. The country’s uniqueness is given by its people so no matter who wins this round of elections, the people will always stand between the future president and a wrong decision.

Don’t Torture Yourself by Watching the News

The level of stress is directly connected to the number of influencing factors. If you remove the source, then you could be able to enjoy a fairly normal Tuesday.

Moreover, there is no need to torture yourself with predictions. Enjoy some good quality with your friends after casting your vote and be at peace with yourself that you have done your duty.

Voting Is the Best Cure for Election Day Stress

Researchers have found that election stress is caused by a multitude of factors, indecisiveness being one of the main ones. By voting, the affected individuals reach catharsis. Once the deed is done, there is no more responsibility pressing on their shoulders.

Moreover, since we are on the topic of voting, you can take advantage of the fact that you exercised your constitutional right by searching for freebies. Lots of restaurants offer free meals, side dishes, deserts or any other food items for those who sport the “I Voted” sticker.

Take Action and Fight for Your Beliefs

The best way to combat anxiety is to fight for a cause that you firmly believe in. If the results of the elections are not what you expected them to be, start getting involved in more projects. Fight for your beliefs, take action and prove to yourself that the world can be changed by a single person.

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The Consequences of Prostate Cancer Treatment

prostate cancer has its unique consequences

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men after skin cancer

After the disease is dealt with, the side-effects of prostate cancer treatment are not uncommon, and individuals must learn how to manage them, so they do not become a lingering problem that influences their normal activities.

Prostate cancer is known to have its unique secondary results following the treatment. Of course, there are the emotional side-effects encountered by all cancer patients and the physical ones that the sufferer must deal with. Learning how to handle the side-effects gives the patient the opportunity to get on with the rest of their life.

Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer men are diagnosed with after skin cancer. People who have survived the disease usually find themselves on an emotional roller coaster ranging from joy to anxiety that cancer could return. The feelings are normal and are expected to fade away as the patient continues to feel better after the treatment. However, if the feelings persist, sufferers are advised to discuss all the problems with their physician or mental health care provider if the negative thoughts continue to affect their lives.

Reducing the risk of any future cancer recurrence by choosing healthy lifestyles and gaining confidence in yourself after the cancer treatment are all part of the process.

The most common physical side effects of the cancer treatment are urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Urinary incontinence represents the failure to control your urine. Men might experience the incontinence depending on age, doctor’s experience or bladder function.

There are many types of incontinence which include overflow incontinence, the failure to fully empty the bladder or stress incontinence, urine leakage that happens when laughing, coughing, exercising, or sneezing. These are the most common types of incontinence that men usually encounter after surgery. It could last up to twelve months for some patients. However, treatment is available based on the severity and type of incontinence.

The erectile dysfunction (ED) represents the failure to obtain an erection or an erection that could sustain a sexual intercourse. The surgery that treated the prostate cancer is usually the cause of ED because surgery could damage the nerves that control the blood flow to the penis. The prostate gland is enclosed by nerves that help obtain an erection.

The possibility of ED after prostate cancer treatment is influenced by a man’s health, age, stage of the disease, sexual functions before treatment and whether the nerves were saved after surgery.

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It is time to get your garden ready for next year

Fall is the perfect season to get your garden ready for next year

Your garden can look good next year if you start planting herbs now.

Fall is the best season to get your garden ready for next year. If you enjoy having trees and flowers around you, now is the time to get to work. Moreover, it seems that you have also the opportunity of planting culinary herbs. Instead of going to the market, you can have them in your garden.

You should not be worried about the temperatures. There are a lot of herbs, such as oregano and tarragon, they can survive the cool temperatures of fall. This happens because the soil is still warm and they are able to send their roots there. Of course, going to the market could be easier, but it is better to have things from your own garden.

First of all, you know they are healthy. Many vegetables/fruits on the market are produced using  dangerous substances for our health. Moreover, it will be less expensive. For example, you only have to plant culinary herbs once and they will return every year and they will grow bigger. There are a lot of perennial herbs that can use in your garden, during this time of year. They are cheaper and they do not need much of your time. If you want to spend less money, you can try to buy them from people who already have herb gardens. Ask for a small division and in a year you will enjoy your own garden.

There are a few things you should know before starting this. You will have to water the plants until the ground freezes. Do not forget about them in the spring, when they will need your help again to grow. Another important thing is to locate them in a place they will receive sunlight. It is said that any plant should get six to eight hours of sunlight in a day. Many people also forget to leave space between the plants.

Gardening is one of the most  interesting hobbies you could have. Not only you can have vegetables or herbs made by you, but it also has benefits for your health. You eat better, you are doing a physical activity by taking care of your garden and you will spend more time outside.  It is not too late to get it ready for next year. There are a lot of perennial plants that can be used in this period and they will survive the winter.

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The Increase in Drug Use Among Rail Workers Leads to Accidents

the rates of opiate use among rail workers have increased

Because of the increase in opiate use among rail workers, regulators are now expanding the tests

The rise in opiate usage among rail workers was reported by U.S. railroad regulators who are now expanding the testing of employees accountable for driving cargo and people securely. The random drug test proved that the number of individuals who tested positive last year was 0.53 percent from 0.37 in 2014.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, this is a concerning problem because these rates are an increase after five years of stable rates. Moreover, eight rail workers have tested positive after accidents that occurred this year. It was a 50 percent increase since last year, and it’s acknowledged as the greatest rate since the tests started in 1987.

According to the regulator, the drugs included oxycodone, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and morphine. The administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Sarah Feinberg, mentioned that this trend is going in an undesired direction and that it must be stopped.

The FRA decided that tens of thousands of track operators be examined for drugs, in extension to rail workers including engineers, conductors, and dispatchers that were already tested.

Because the testing is scheduled for June 2017, many of the rail workers petitioned the FRA last month, asking that they delay the implementation another year.

The Association of American Railroads announced through a spokesman that freight railroads have presented the 2017 deadline as a priority for their workers but are worried that they could be held accountable for tests including contract workers.

The association mentioned that it’s looking forward to making the roads safer by working with the FRA and starting the synthetic opioid tests. The Association of American Railroads also specified that the importance of the situation is well-known.

Although new scanning procedures do not test for opioids such as fentanyl and oxycodone, the individuals that were involved in accidents were also tested for these substances. A spokesman from FRA mentioned that they require synthetic drugs to be added to their random testing. The same representative of the agency suggested that they are currently working to find a way to include the synthetic opioids tests for rail workers.

The fame of illegal prescription heroin and drugs has progressed dramatically in recent years. Some analysts implied that attempts to decrease illegal prescriptions have supported addicts to use heroin alternately.

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Facebook Seems To Improve The Well-Being Of Users

facebook could increase a person's well-being

Facebook comments could improve one’s well-being and make individuals feel better about themselves

Researchers recently said that comments on Facebook could improve one’s well-being and make individuals feel better about themselves. Moreover, they have compared the feeling of satisfaction in life given by a personalized comment on Facebook with the joy of getting married or having a baby.

The scientists at Carnegie Mellon University mentioned that if you enjoy spending time on Facebook and feel that the activity brings you satisfaction it could be because the app’s effects are similar to those of a significant life event.

The study proved that just reading political posts on Facebook or analyzing friend’s notes about their activities brings little satisfaction. Although users highly appreciate these activities, they pay no significant contributions to individual’s well-being.

A professor at Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Robert Kraut, along with a research scientist, Moira Burke, conducted the study. The findings showed that personalized interactions on Facebook like posting something on somebody’s wall, receiving comments or commenting on someone’s posts are an essential method of social engagement.

The authors noticed that while the socialization involves people who they care about, close friends, the online communication brings many benefits.

The interactions don’t have to be complicated; just a several words comment can remind the user of the significant relationships in their lives. It’s important that a close friend has taken few minutes from his time to personalize a comment.

These findings seem to run counter to all of the other research that stated time spend on Facebook, and social media are linked to a higher probability of depression and loneliness.

Kraut now wants to establish if social media is making people unhappy or if individuals utilizing the social media are unhappy.

The research recruited with Facebook ads 1,910 users from 91 countries. Experts did not examine the substance of the user’s communications. The app users allowed the researchers to differentiate between varieties of action like reading, posting, likes, and comments.

Moreover, they had to see if the interactions were with acquaintances or close friends. Kraut decided that when approaching more personal subjects with friends on Facebook, people tend to feel better which is similar to face-to-face interactions.

Furthermore, it seems to be true to sad individuals spend more time on social media but just because they know that the activity will make them feel better.

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Disney World Concerned About Visitors Gives Out Free Insect Repellent

insect repellent was given to guests

Disney World has started providing all cast members and guests free insect repellent

As the number of Zika virus diseases continues to rise in Florida, Disney World has begun to provide all cast members and guests free insect repellent. Disney declared in a section on its website where they usually answer park goers’ questions that this additional measure is being taken as a preventative action in an effort to keep the clients safe from the Zika virus.

Starting Sunday, they’re giving free EPA-approved insect repellent, but the only problem seems to be that the parkgoers that a local news reporter spoke to did not know of this measure.

The people that were surveyed said that they did not see anything that could indicate that the park owners are giving away free insect repellent. At the park entrance where one might expect to be informed of this measure, no signs were seen.

The Zika virus has frequently become a regional concern. A nontravel-related case was validated last week in Pinellas County. Forty-three such cases have been confirmed around the state.

Other Disney customers weren’t affected by getting Zika saying that while not pregnant they do not see the virus as a problem but acknowledged what Disney was doing.

Disney said it was carefully tracking Zika epidemics in the region and decided to give out free insect repellent in an effort to keep guests safe.

Until now, the Florida Department of Health has stated that there are no known cases of actual transmissions of the Zika virus in the countries surrounding Walt Disney Resort and the Orlando region.

Disney also gave recommendations to avoid mosquito bites based on CDC reports. Among those instructions, the company mentioned wearing long sleeves and pants that cover most of the skin. Moreover, the use of insect repellent according to the label instructions.

The solution mustn’t be applied on the skin under the clothes, but to bare skin and clothes. Reapplying the insect repellent is mandatory. If using sunscreen, it should be utilized before the insect repellent.

When it comes to instructions for babies, the repellent should not be used on children under two months old. Moreover, mosquito netting should surround the stroller, crib, or baby carrier.

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Gun Violence Kills More That the Flu


Gun Violence tree

Gun violence affects us all

Gun violence kills more than the flu; that’s why we have a lot to learn from how we treat a virus in fighting back gun violence. The flu is so similar to gun violence but with a big difference: when it comes to the flu, everybody fights back. We are very careful when we get sick, and we even judge people that send their children to school when they are sick or the ones that come to work with the flu.

Every time we have the flu, we try all sort of medicine, and if those don’t work, we try different remedies, and most important we consider it everybody’s responsibility. We search for ways to stay healthy and avoid getting the flu.

When it comes to the flu, we take care of each other, and we remind ourselves to have a good personal hygiene, to avoid going places if we are sick, and we recognize that it is a problem that affects us all and try to fix it.

Everybody remembers the H1N1 virus and how there were clinics all over the cities that made it easier for people to get vaccines. We were doing everything we could just to try and get cured or avoid getting infected. Everybody was thinking of ways to protect their loved ones even if there were rumors of people from other jurisdiction who benefited from “our” vaccines, at the end of the day everybody realized that we all needed to be protected.
Unfortunately, homicide is the leading cause of death for black people age 15 to 24 and the third leading cause of death for white people of the same age. Moreover, suicide is another primary cause of death that people don’t seem to take seriously. These murders and suicides are all “viruses” that people don’t appear to notice or try to stop.

Black Lives Matter activists and not only them, are trying to raise awareness, to put an end to this violence that is causing so much suffering and the lives of innocent people. We must admit that this is a real problem, causing so much damage to our country and stand united in the fight against this “virus.”

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