Bernie Sanders Renews His Support For President Trump’s Impeachment

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders suggested that President Trump follow in Al Franken’s footsteps and resign.

Vermont Senator and former 2016 presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, suggested on Sunday that President Donald Trump should resign over his sexual misconduct allegations. Sanders talked about Al Franken, who stepped down from the position of the senator of Minnesota after several women accused him of sexual harassment and noted that the President should do the same.

Bernie Sanders urged Trump to step down earlier this month due to the President acknowledging on tape that he assaulted women. However, the Vermont Senator does not think this is the right time for an impeachment campaign, as there isn’t enough evidence supporting Trump’s other nefarious activities. Sanders said that the majority of people want Trump to be impeached only if the president colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

Even if Sanders told Democrats to abstain, that didn’t stop 58 of them to vote to impeach Trump this week. The campaign was short-lived, however, as it eventually was overturned by the majority (364 to 58).

The Vermont Senator commended Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, who is conducting the Russia investigation, and believes that solid evidence on that front is the only way for a potential impeachment.

“If Mueller brings forth the clear evidence that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, I think you have grounds for impeachment,” Sanders told NBC.

Sanders had upped his anti-Trump stance following Franken’s resignation over sexual misconduct allegations from several women. His voice wasn’t the only one prevalent in the Democratic circle, however. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey also urged the president to follow Franken and resign from the presidency. Senator, Jeff Merkley, of Oregon called on Alabama GOP candidate, Roy Moore, and President Trump to step down, emphasizing on sexual allegations against both men.

Trump has no plans on resigning, however, as he is already running an aggressive campaign for his reelection in 2020.

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North Korea’s Missile Range Reportedly Includes All of US Mainland

Covered Missile in North Korea

North Korea reportedly has missiles capable of reaching the US mainland in its entirety.

North Korea has successfully incorporated nuclear power into its military, according to its state television. Pyongyang claims the new intercontinental missile, Hwason-15, can reach the „whole” US mainland.

The launch was announced in a special broadcast at midday, as well as in a report released by state news agency KCNA. Hwasong-15, an upgrade of the Hwason-14 intercontinental missile, was reportedly launched at 3 a.m local times from a mobile launcher in Pyongsong, in the South Pyongan Province.

Pyongyang states that the missile reached an altitude of 4,475 km (2,780 miles) and flew 950 km in just under an hour. The missile surpassed previous expectations including that of the South Korean military who responded with a „precision missile strike drill” matching the flight distance. According to Japanese officials, the Hwasong-15 did not fly over Japan as previous tests, and landed 250 km of Japan’s northern coast, within the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un personally signed off on the launch, according to KCNA. According to them, this marks the completion of North Korea’s foray into becoming a nuclear power.

„…now we have finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force, the cause of building a rocket power”. Said KCNA.

While previous North Korean missiles were said to reach portions of the US mainland, the Hwasong-15 is considered by the US-based Union of Concerned Scientists as being capable of reaching „any part of the continental United States”. The group concluded that the missile could have traveled more than 13 thousand km on a standard trajectory. The distance between North Korea and the US is just over 10 thousand km.

The KCNA report states that the Hwason-15 intercontinental missile was built as a defense measure against „the US imperialists’ nuclear blackmail policy,” and that it would not be fired upon any country unless North Korea was provoked.

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Hawaii Isn’t Taking Any Chances with North Korea; Resumes Cold War-Era Nuclear Attack Warning Sirens Tests

Artist's depiction of a nuclear attack aftermath

Hawaii has announced it will hold testing of its Cold War-era nuclear attack warning sirens.

The mounting threat of a nuclear North Korea has prompted the state of Hawaii to resume monthly statewide testing of its Cold-War-era nuclear attack warning sirens. This if the first time in thirty years, that Hawaii is considering firing up the old alarm system.  A state official has told residents to create a plan of keeping track of their families in the event of a North Korean nuclear attack.

As part of the decades-old drill, air-raid sirens will be sounded for a minute in more than 400 locations across the central Pacific Islands. According to state officials, the test will begin at 11:45 on Friday and will be repeated on the first business day of each month. The monthly tests will be accompanied by public service announcements telling Hawaii residents to “get inside, stay inside and stay tuned” if they should hear the siren.

“Emergency preparedness is knowing what to expect and what to do for all hazards,” said Hawaii Emergency Management Agency chief, Vern Miyagi.

Hawaii’s decision to increase nuclear attack awareness comes on the heels of increased escalation between North Korea and the US. President, Donald Trump has repeatedly taunted the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, by calling him “rocket man” and threatening to unleash “ fire and fury” on his country. North Korean Foreign Minister, Ri Yong Ho called Trump’s insult an “irreversible mistake” saying that an attack on the U.S. mainland was “inevitable”.

White House chief of staff, John Kelly, has said in October that the US needs to be concerned about a potential nuclear attack considering that Pyongyang “is developing a pretty good nuclear re-entry vehicle”.

Nuclear attack sirens were discontinued in the 80s as soon as the Cold War showed signs of coming to an end. However, in light of the recent threats, Hawaii is reintroducing the alarm system as North Korea is reportedly capable of reaching both the state and the US mainland.

Agency spokesman, Richard Rapoza, said that single 150-kiloton weapon detonated over Pearl Harbor on the main island of Oahu would be enough to kill just under twenty thousand people and leave fifty thousand to 120 thousand people injured. Hawaii is 4.600 miles away from North Korea.

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Pokemon Go Responsible for Hundreds of Costly Accidents in 148 days Since Launch (Study)

6 people playing Pokemon Go in London

Pokemon Go caused millions of dollars in property damage in a span of 148 days since it released.

Fans of Pokemon Go really enjoy playing the game when they’re driving their cars as economists, Mara Faccio and John McConnell of Purdue University point out.

Niantic’s popular augmented reality app for iOS and Android is responsible for multiple car accidents which occurred in the first 148 days after the game was released in July 2016. The two economists sifted through accident reports from Tippecanoe County, Indiana and found that most crashes and injuries occurred around Pokestops and gyms; the former is where players get virtual supplies while the latter is where they pit their Pokemon against others.

Pokemon Go Go proved to be such a lethal habit for drivers that it eventually resulted in the deaths of two people. According to the ongoing study, the total value from injuries, damage, and the two death cost the county between $5.2 million and $25.5 million. If the damage would transition to the wider US area, this would equal to $2 billion to $7.3 billion in damages.

In 148 there have been 286 additional crashes occurred in the county as opposed to the year before. 134 of these accidents occurred near pokéstops. The paper assumes the increase in crashes was caused by Pokemon Go directly.

Pokemon Go essentially forces people to leave the confines of their homes and search for digital monsters where the game tells them to. While many walk to the designated location, some choose to cheat and drive their way there. Niantic took measures to prevent people from taking advantage of these loopholes by making the game unplayable at certain speeds.

The researchers compared the numbers of crashes between pokéstops and gyms and found that accidents were more frequent near pokéstops, which points to people getting out of their cars while playing Pokemon Go.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Asks Press To Say What They’re Thankful For Before Questions

White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, asked reporters to say what they're grateful for

White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, asked reporters to say what they’re grateful for

White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked reporters on Monday to say what they were thankful for prior to their regular press briefing. The request was made mainly because it would have been the last briefing before the Thanksgiving holiday.

At the beginning of the press briefing, Sanders said she was thankful for her family, her faith and members of the military.

“Obviously, you probably know, and it’s not a secret, that I’m clearly very thankful for all of you here in the room, and I think that goes without saying,” the press secretary said.

She was also thankful for the police and first responders as well as for the opportunity to serve President Donald Trump. Sanders then urged reporters to say what they were thankful for before the press briefing would commence.

While a number of reporters launched into their questions straight away, there were a few journalists who gave in. They listed several things for which they were grateful for, including their families and members of the military.

There were a few notable reporters who took advantage of the situation such as April Ryan, the bureau chief for the American Urban Radio Networks. She told Sanders she was thankful “to be able to talk to you and question you every single day.”Huckabee Sanders stated she felt the gratefulness in Ryan’s statement.

Another subtle jab was from ABC News’, Cecilia Vega who said she was thankful for the First Amendment. The comment was met with “oohs” throughout the room of reporters to which Sanders responded: “I think we all are”.

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Russia Used Pokemon Go to Spread Racial Hate Among Americans

Digital Pokeball on a grey surface

Russia interfered even with Pokemon Go to spark controversies in the American society

Russia’s attempts to spark controversy and conflicts in the United States are well-known, but it seems they used more weapons than we would have expected. Also, some of these weapons sound extremely unlikely. Apparently, they made use of Pokemon Go to create some racial tension.

Pokemon Go, the most unlikely tool for Russian hackers

A recent report has just revealed how Russia used Pokemon Go to create controversy in the United States, and to give rise to some racial issues. In July 2016, a Tumblr page, which is now known to belong to Russia’s Internet Research Agency, sent a message to all Pokemon Go players who supported the Black Lives Matter cause.

The page told these people to go play the game in areas where police brutality instances have occurred. Also, the players were encouraged to change their current usernames and, instead, use the names of popular black people who fell victims to abusive policemen. However, Russia’s interventions didn’t stop here.

The group sparked racial controversies by using the popular game

The same Tumblr page also promoted a movement, which closely mimicked the activities of Black Lives Matter groups. This movement was called Do Not Shoot Us, had a website, and many pages across all social media platforms. They also used the slogan “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”. Facebook managed to find out the movement’s page was related to Russia, and it was taken down the platform shortly after that.

On the Tumblr page, there was a post regarding a player who named his character Eric Garner. This man died after a New York Police officer put him in a chokehold. The same post proposed a contest to Pokemon Go players, and the prize consisted of gift cards on Amazon.

It’s not clear if someone actually entered or won this contest, but this Tumblr page is still active. However, it changed its focus on different posts, mostly about Palestine. The Russia YouTube account is, also, still active, but all the other social media pages have been taken down.
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Beyonce, George Clooney, Among The Stars To Join The Hurricane Harvey Relief Telethon

pray for Texas and Louisiana sign

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the lives of thousands of individuals.

Hollywood’s brightest stars are set to come out and shine in a relief effort to raise funds for people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

George Clooney and Beyonce top the list of celebrities eager to help the cause. Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Relief is scheduled to air at 8 Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, September 12th. The hour-long telethon will be broadcast on multiple networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CMT. The show will be comprised of live and taped segments shot in Universal Studios, the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, Times Square in New York City, and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

The Telethon Will Sponsor a Multitude of Charities

Hurricane Harvey has devastated southeast Texas, leaving tens of thousands of people temporarily homeless after their houses were damaged or destroyed by rain, wind, and massive flooding. More than 60 people lost their lives in the storm and flood. Funds raised from Hurricane Harvey Relief will be dispersed to charities helping in the recovery effort including the United Way, the Mayor’s Relief Fund, Rebuild Texas, Save the Children, Habitat for Humanity, and Feeding Texas.

Some of the biggest names to appear on the benefit are George Clooney, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, and Reese Witherspoon. George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Lyle Lovett, Chris Stapleton, and Robert Earl Keen will take the stage in San Antonio for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Telethon. Barbara Streisand, Matthew McConaughey, Julia Roberts, Michael Strahan, Jamie Foxx, and Rob Lowe will be there. Ryan Seacrest, Dennis Quaid, Adam Sandler, and Blake Shelton are other stars eager to be on the show to help raise funds for Hurricane Harvey survivors.

Music manager and producer Scooter Braun developed the idea for “Hand in Hand” Hurricane Harvey Relief Telethon. He and Allison Kaye are as executive producers along with Jesse Ignjatovic, Evan Prager, and Bernard ‘Bun B’ Freeman.

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Trump Set To Disband Federal Panel On Climate Change

trump in an official address

Trump’s stance on climate change is not in line with the scientists’ warnings

The Trump administration continues on with the fight against climate change warnings as White House officials are set to disband the federal advisory panel for the National Climate Assesment. The panel is in charge of aiding policymakers and private businesses incorporate the government’s regulations on climate into their long-term planning.

Trump Continues in the Opposite Direction

Since 1990, the law requires the issuing of a climate analysis every 4 years. So far, the National Climate Assesment has issued 3 reports while the fourth one is still underway. The panel consists of academics, local officials, and corporate representatives. The current charter expires this Sunday. However, it seems the charter will not be renewed for 2018.

Currently, White House officials are examining the Climate Science Special Report, put together by scientists from 13 different federal agencies. Overall, the report shows that human activities have had an impact on climate change, as the global temperature raised to 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit from 1951 to 2010. Despite these findings, Trump seems to be moving in the opposite direction. Just last week, the President signed an executive order on infrastructure. The order will reverse an Obama policy that was taking into account projected rising of sea levels.

The Reaction Has Been Negative

So far, the response from the scientific community was entirely negative. Despite the push to integrate climate change preventive measures, the Trump administration spent the recent months significantly intervening in their makeup. Scott Pruitt, the administrator the Environmental Protection Agency replaced key members on important scientific review boards. In addition, the Interior Secretary is currently reviewing advisory boards in his department.

Richard Wright, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate has been working with the panel to bring awareness to the estimated climate projections. He stated on Saturday:

We need to work on updating our standards with good estimates on what future weather and climate extremes will be […]I think it’s going to be a serious handicap for us that the advisory committee is not functional.

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Yellow Maradol Papayas To Blame For Salmonella Outbreak In 12 States

yellow maradol papayas half

Yellow Maradol papayas might be at the root of the recent multistate salmonella outbreak.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that yellow Maradol papayas are the most likely cause of a salmonella Kiambu outbreak that spanned across 12 states. Across them, 47 people got sick, 12 of them having to be hospitalized. The outbreak also led to one reported death.

According to the latest report on the matter from the CDC, patients started having problems tied to salmonella after eating yellow Maradol papayas. They began reporting symptoms in between May 17 and up to June 28.

However, the source of the contamination itself is still unclear. The CDC states that:

“Investigators are working to learn where the contamination occurred in the supply chain.”

People Advised to Stop Consuming Yellow Maradol Papayas

The health agency also warned consumers to be careful when buying papayas, as they should ask the proprietor if they are or bought a yellow Maradol one.

These are large and oval fruits that weigh some 3 pounds or more. Initially green skinned, this turns yellow as the papaya ripens. The fruit’s flesh is salmon colored.

In case consumers are unsure what type of papayas they have, the CDC advises them to throw away the fruit or at least return it. It also advises suppliers to stop selling them and restaurants to stop using it.

This should be followed until the CDC finds out more about the cause of the outbreak.

The highest number of Salmonella Kiambu infections was reported in New York, 13, with New York City also reporting the one death tied to the multistate outbreak. New Jersey is right behind it with 12 cases and Virginia further back with 6. A further 5 cases were reported in Maryland and 4 in Pennsylvania.

Utah, Texas, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Iowa each reported one case each. Affected people were aged in between 1 to 95 years old.

Reports point out that small children, under the age of 5, and older people, 65 or more and those with weakened immune systems are the most susceptible to severe cases of salmonella.

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Massive Food Recalls Target Breaded Chicken And Pasta

massive food recalls chicken

Two massive food recalls both revolve around undeclared milk and target breaded chicken and spaghetti products.

Two massive food recalls have been announced over the weekend, one of them targeting breaded chicken products and the other spaghetti and meatball goods.

The breaded chicken products recall was issued by Tyson Foods Inc. and announced on June 09 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). On Friday, the authority revealed that the company issued a recall of almost 2,500,000 pounds of RTE (ready-to-eat) breaded chicken products.

These were recalled due to possible misbranding and also undeclared allergens. FSIS announced that such products contain milk, which is a very well known allergen but that is not declared on the label.

These RTE goods were produced and packaged over a larger period and on various dates from August 17, 2016, up to January 14, 2017. The FSIS release offers a complete list with the labels of the recalled products. These bear the “P-1325” establishment number inside the USDA’s mark of inspection.

The RTE breaded chicken goods were shipped nationwide. According to reports, the issues were detected on June 06, 2017, after a notification sent in by an ingredient supplier. Tyson Foods Inc. was notified that the bread crumbs it received and utilized in these RTE goods could potentially contain undeclared milk.

Presently, there are no confirmed cases of adverse reactions tied to these products. People should check and see if they purchased a recalled product. If they do, this should be thrown away or returned to its point of sale.

Two Massive Food Recalls Revolving Around Milk

The second of the two massive food recalls targets Conagra Brands Inc. spaghetti and meatball products. This includes over 700,000 pounds of such goods, also due to misbranding and potentially undeclared allergens. In its release, the FSIS points out the potential presence of milk, which was not declared on the product label.

These recalled goods were produced on January 05, 2017 and on January 12, 2017. They bear the “EST. 794M” establishment number inside the USDA’s mark of inspection. Conagra Brands’ products were also shipped nationwide. The issue was detected on the June 06, also by an ingredient supplier and targeted bread crumbs.

There are no confirmed cases of adverse reactions tied to the consumption of such products. Consumers that own recalled goods are urged not to consume them. Instead, they should be either thrown them away or return them to the place of purchase. A complete list of the labels to be recalled is available here.

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