AT&T Expands Its Wi-Fi Calling Service to International

concept of Wi-Fi calling was first introduced back in October

While the concept of Wi-Fi calling was first introduced back in October 2015, where a wireless internet connection could be used to make up for bad cellular coverage, AT&T just upgraded the way it works and added an International status to it all. Back then, the Wi-Fi calling feature was only available from within the United States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Now, the new service allows iPhone AT&T customers to make or receive calls to and from the US using Wi-Fi, without getting charged long distance fees.

The American telecommunications company started notifying its users of the change via texts, following the update to the newest iOS 9.3. According to the texts’ content, the NumberSync service on the user’s phone or other devices will allow calling over cellular networks in addition to Wi-Fi. On top of that came the actual change to Wi-Fi Calling, allowing anyone finding themselves abroad and on Wi-Fi to make calls without incurring international fees. Nevertheless, calling internationally while still in the US, even if on Wi-Fi, normal fee rates will apply, according to the international package you have.

This is a service intended to be used by individuals when they travel abroad, and less so for regular international calls that may be made. As a result, the At&T Wi-fi Calling website has been changed and updated to reflect the newest changes, as well as providing the users with any type of information they require to clear up any possible confusion.

On the other hand, the NumberSync change that was baked into the announcement is a rather great addition itself. NumberSync is a feature that allows AT&T users to make calls or send texts using their phone’s number from a different device than the phone itself. That way, you could use things such as your iPad or Mac to do that, even if your phone is not nearby or not even turned on.

While previously, the devices had to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection in order to be able to use NumberSync, having a cellular connection will suffice with the latest change.

While these are changes native to iPhone users that are also AT&T customers and have already upgraded their devices to the latest Apple iOS 9.3 operating system, the change could be seen in other devices and with other carriers soon too. However, at the current time there’s little to no news regarding any initiative in this direction from either parties.

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