Meet Our Team

The ArgyllFreePress editors are here to cover hot news and help you choose the perfect products for your needs. Our dedicated team of tech enthusiasts and forward-thinkers covers various topics spanning from smart-phones to smart-phone components, software and accessories. To find out more about the project itself, you can read our About Us page.

Roxanne Briean – Senior Editor

Roxanne prefers to write gaming reviews and tech round-ups. Her favorite publications are TheVerge, Mashable and Engadget.


Deborah Campbell – Senior Editor

Deborah is the perfect mix between idealist and realist. Her passion for work is reflected in her detailed reviews and personal approach on technology.


Christopher Hall – Associate Editor

With a degree in Engineering and Applied Science, Christopher is more than capable of understanding the tidbits of modern technology and software. He prefers writing about latest tech news and developments.


Michael Turner – Staff Writer

Michael is a self-proclaimed nerd with an inclination for technology. He is always trying to invent the next best thing and he loves reading about the weirdest technological developments.

Michael Turner

Karen Jackson – Staff Writer

Self-taught and self-disciplined, Karen shows us exactly how technology can enrich our lives. She became a web-designer all on her own, by learning Adobe Photoshop, HTML5 and other coding languages. She enjoys writing about useful apps and tools that can simplify life or which can help us acquire new skills.


Nancy Young – Staff Writer

Nancy is an avid gamer turned writer. She is the youngest member of our team, with an impressive track record. Despite the fact that her parents disapproved of her passion for games, she proved to everyone that you can become successful in your career even without following a set path.


Kenneth Scott – Copy Editor

Kenneth is very practical, therefore he writes about practical things. Our oldest member of the team made the transition to technology quite smoothly, and he is now enjoying the gadgets he is using in his daily routine. You will mostly see him reviewing useful new tools, software and apps.

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