More Screen Time May Mean Less Sleep Time For A Toddler

toddler less sleep

Preliminary studies found that the more young children play video games, the less sleep they get.

Toddlers, even babies playing with smartphones and tablets can be seen everywhere nowadays. But as more and more young children are given electronic games to play, some parents and researchers are questioning their effects and consequences.

Preliminary studies found that the more young children play video games, the less sleep they get. These new touch screen games can help teach dexterity and sharpen mental skills. However, they shouldn’t take away the life-regenerating sleep kids need.

New Study Found That Spending More Time In Front of a Screen May Also Lead To Less Sleep

A new research showed that for every hour spent playing on a device, young children get 15 minutes less sleep. The study team stated that:
“It isn’t a very a massive amount when you’re sleeping  10 -12 hours a day in total, but every minute matters in young development because of the benefits of sleep.”
Most experts agree toddlers need their sleep. It is while sleeping that their bodies grow, their hearts are strengthened and weight regulated. Their immune function improves, and the attention span and learning skills increase.
Sleep also helps them store up the energy needed to face the next day. If more sleep meant less crying and tantrums, every parent would insist on it.A good night’s sleep for a toddler or baby can be ensured by limiting the amount of screen time during the day. Do not allow them to play on the devices after dinner. Instead, you could play board games, go for a walk or take playful baths. Once settled in bed, you can tell them stories or read books that are gentle and comforting and will help ensure your child gets an adequate amount of rest.

Sleep is one of the essential building blocks of a healthy body and mind, regardless of age. But for babies and toddlers, it is absolutely critical to mental and physical growth. Let the electronic games be an occasional activity and ensure that sleep regains its prominent place in the life of a child.

A paper presenting the study results of this new study was published in the Scientific Reports journal.
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Scientists Use Technology To Study The Antarctic Whales

antarctic whales

A team of scientists turned to technology in their mission to monitor and analyze Antarctic whales and their feeding habits.

A team of scientists turned to technology in their mission to monitor and analyze Antarctic whales and their feeding habits. As such, the AAD or the Australian Antarctic Division started using electronic tags which come with cameras and motion sensors.

Such devices have been placed on humpback whales living in the Gerlache Strait, in the Antarctic. According to Ari Friedlaender, the project lead, this will give the team an idea as to where these gigantic mammals actually feed. Also, it will provide information such as their feeding frequency.

The tiny electronic tags will also provide various other data. For example, they may reveal the place where the Antarctic whales go to rest. Such insight on their habits could have a significant conservational value. The data may help in the management and the protection of both the Antarctic whales and their ecosystems.

The Tiny Cameras Placed On The Antarctic Whales Should Help Protect The Giant Mammals

These electronic tags should indicate any possible changes in the whales’ main food source, the krill population. As they do so, the devices will also be registering the effects of such fluctuations. Also, the tiny cameras can help report changes in the whales, their habits and habitat as they experience climate change or go through ocean acidification. It may also help determine the impact of commercial fishing on these mammals.

The tiny cameras get attached with help from suction cups which can last for about two days. As they fall off, they are then retrieved by the research team which then analyzes the gathered data.

“We have been able to show that whales spend a great deal of time during the days socializing and resting and then feeding largely throughout the evening and night time.”

The large humpback Antarctic whales are also not the only ones being monitored with help from electronic tags. Longer-term such devices were also placed on the smaller minke whales living in the Antarctic.

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Supermarket Groceries Carry More Germs Than You Think

supermarket groceries

A new study shows that our supermarket groceries have more germs that we might believe.

Germs are very dangerous for us. They can be found anywhere, even in the most unusual places and things. A new study shows that our supermarket groceries have more germs that we believe. Despite the fact that we didn’t suspect groceries to have germs, they do.

Although supermarkets are clean, we can still find germs there. Also, brands need to pass many health inspections before they can put their products on the shelves. Despite this, germs find a way to hide in our shopping carts.

The leader of the study, Charles Gerba, is a microbiologist at the University of Arizona. He mentioned that people need to understand that microbes are everywhere. The germ exposure is much higher when it comes to meat containers. This is because there the microbes breed faster there.

Charles Gerba made this study and showed which are the most dangerous things when it comes to microbes. One of those is the shopping cart handle. A lot of people touch the same handle every day. This is the fastest way to transmit bacteria. In order to get rid of microbes, people should use hand sanitizer.

The fresh produce section is also a place where microbes love to spread. Almost everybody touches or squeezes the goods before buying them. The researcher mentioned that it is best to buy products that are not cut. When the products are cut microbes spread there.

Seafood and meat have more germs than other products. People should always use two bags to put meat and seafood. These products should be separated from the other supermarket groceries. This measure should be taken in order to avoid cross-contamination.

When they are buying supermarket groceries, people should avoid buying canned products that have damages. If the cans are swollen or they are leaking, you should not touch it or buy it. The risk of bacterial contamination is bigger in this case.

Despite the fact that people don’t notice them, germs are everywhere. Microbes can be found even in supermarkets. In order to avoid them, people should follow the recommendations made by Charles Gerba.

What is your opinion about this study? Did you know that supermarket groceries have a lot of germs?

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Which Are The Fattest Cities In The US?

fattest cities in the US

A new report about the fattest cities in the US was completed.

Obesity is a big problem, especially in the US. More and more people are becoming overweight or obese. Being obese increases the risk of developing conditions like heart diseases and diabetes. In order to raise awareness, a new report about the fattest cities in the US was completed.

The report named 2017 Fattest Cities in America was released on Wednesday. This was made with an analysis of 100 most popular cities in the US.  The fattest city in the US is considered to be Jackson, Miss. On the other hand, the city considered to be the least fat one in the US is Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Washington.

The cities were ranked as fat when they scored high based on a number of factors. These factors include Obesity, Weight-related Health problems, and the Healthy environment. The experts that completed this report measured 17 key indicators of weight-related problems.

According to the CDC, more than 40% of US adults are obese. The problem is that more than 70% of the US population has weight problems. They are either obese or overweight. This new report shows that the Southern cities are the fattest ones. Most of them were located in the Southeastern states.

This report was conducted by WalletHub. They did not mention a systematic explanation on how the socioeconomic status plays a role in the regional obesity rates. Poverty, socioeconomic status, and education are important factors when it comes to obesity.

Researchers have demonstrated that the socioeconomic status is the most important factor when taking into consideration weight problems. It is not always about willpower. People who don’t have a steady income can’t afford to lead a healthy life. They have to buy cheap food that is also nutritious. This might affect their diet and cause weight problems.

These factors should have been taken into consideration when making the list if fattest cities in the US. Due to the fact that the rate of obesity in so big in the US, people should start making some changes in their lifestyle. In order to lead a healthy life, obese people need to exercise more and have a healthy low-calorie diet.

What is your opinion about this report? Did you know that Jackson is the fattest city in the US?

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The Infant Mortality Rate Declined In The US

infant mortality rate

Between 2005 and 2014 the infant mortality rate declined by 15%.

Great news for the US. The infant mortality rate has declined by 15% in the last years. Despite the fact that this is good news, doctors mentioned that the US should do much more in this area. This is because the rate is still too big.

Between 2005 and 2014, the infant mortality rate declined by 15%. The rate dropped from 6.89 infant deaths per 1000 births to 5.82. The rate of SIDS also declined by almost 30%. Several racial groups saw declines in infant mortality rates.

The biggest fall was among the US Asian populations. Infant mortality rates among this racial group declined by more than 20%. The only groups that did not experience a fall in the infant mortality rate were the Alaska Natives and American Indians.

The rates of the leading causes of infant deaths also went down. Congenital malformations declined by 11%. This is the primary cause of infant death. The only cause of death that increased was the rate of unintentional injuries which rose by 11%.

Two-thirds of all US states showed a significant decline in infant mortality rates. No state showed a significant increase. The states that had the lowest rates of infant mortality are Delaware, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, South Caroline, and Mississippi. More than 33 states showed a big decline in the infant mortality rate.

The report that was completed by the CDC did not mention how the rate of infant mortality declined in these states more than in the others. Of course, we need to take into consideration the fact that Mississippi, for instance, had one of the biggest rates in 2005. This might be why the rate declined so much in this state.

The actions that were taken by health officials could be showing their effect now. The baby box program is one of those actions. Across the US, health care clinics and hospitals offer baby boxes filled with all the necessary things needed for taking care of an infant. The box can be used as a crib and it prevents parents from putting toys near the baby. It also makes the infants sleep on their back which can lower the chance of SIDS.

What is your opinion about this report? Did you know that the infant mortality rate was declining?

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The Danger Of Extreme Cases Of Strep Throat

strep throat

Despite the fact that kids are more likely to have a strep throat, adults can have it too.

Most of us love the spring. The problem is that, during this period, we are most likely to catch a cold. A sore throat is a normal symptom but if it lasts more than a few days, you should go to the doctor. A sore throat can turn into a strep throat due to the fact that streptococcal bacteria thrive in spring.

Despite the fact that kids are more likely to have a strep throat, adults can have it too. Recent cases showed that streptococcal bacteria can cause a lot of problems. One man in Michigan found out just how dangerous a strep throat can be.

Due to the fact that he left the infection untreated, it spread in his body. His organs started to fail and doctors had to amputate his feet and hands. This is not the only case. Many people almost died after the infection from their throat started to spread in their system.

Despite the fact that this is an extreme case, when left untreated, a strep throat can cause problems. For instance, the most common issue caused by untreated infection is the spread of the infection to the kidney. This can lead to the appearance of blood in the urine, joint pain, and swelling.

If the infection is so far spread you need to stay in the hospital in order for doctors to make sure that the medicine is working. A strep throat infection can spread in other parts of the body too, as well. Major areas like the blood, heart, nervous system, and skin can be affected.

In very rare cases, people can even develop meningitis or go into toxic shock. These too are extreme cases and they can happen only when people don’t treat this infection at all. People need to start treating the strep infection as they observe the first signals.

A strep throat is caused by an infection with contagious bacteria named Streptococcus pyogenes. Worldwide, millions of people experience a mild form of strep throat. More than 10 thousand people have worse cases. The symptoms of this infection include pain when swallowing, sore and swollen lymph nodes, fever, a rash, and prolonged sore throat.

If you observe these symptoms you should go to the doctor. You will receive antibiotics and it is better if you rest for a few days. Avoid going out with friends or spending time with family because a strep infection is contagious.

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Fluorescent Frog Was Found In Amazon

fluorescent frog

This fluorescent frog found in the Amazon can emit a lot of light.

Animals never stop surprising us. Researchers discover new species of animals every year. This time, a team of Brazilian scientists discovered a fluorescent frog in the Amazon basin. This is the only naturally fluorescent amphibian discovered, until now.

Researchers were amazed to see that this frog is naturally fluorescent. Despite the fact that some marine animals have this feature, this is the first amphibian that has it too. Normally, fluorescent material is usually painted as to glow in the black.

How is this frog fluorescent?

When they observed the unique frog, researchers started to study it. They found that this animal has a skin pigment that allows it to have this feature. When they saw this pigment they wanted to verify if the frog is really fluorescent. They shined a black light at the frog and it changed its color from yellow to neon green.

Once they observed this change, they investigated further. They found 3 molecules: L2, G1, and Hyloin-L1. All of these molecules had a hydrocarbon chain and a ring. This is unusual for molecules that make animals fluorescent. Researchers mentioned that they did not discover why this animal has this features and how it got it.

One thing they noticed is that this frog can emit a lot of light. This is also uncommon for these types of animals because they normally emit little light. Researchers mentioned that this frog needs to be studied more before they can know for sure what makes it shine so bright.

The difference between fluorescent animals and bioluminescent ones

There are many marine creatures that are fluorescent. For instance, corals, sea turtles, and sharks are able to use this skill. There are also some land animals which shine in the dark. Some scorpions and parrots have this feature. These animals are able to absorb light and re-emit it.

The difference between these animals and bioluminescent ones is in the way they transmit the light. Bioluminescent creatures emit this light based on a chemical reaction. Some of the creatures that can transmit light after chemical reactions include fireflies, glow worms, catfish, and flashlight fish.

What is your opinion about this frog? Did you know that there are fluorescent creatures?

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Natural Changes And Human Activity Blamed For Sea Ice Loss

human activity responsible for sea ice loss

Since less than 50% of sea ice loss was caused by natural changes, this leaves more than 50% to human activity

We all know about the loss of sea ice in the Arctic. Apparently, there are two factors that affected the Arctic sea ice. One of them is human activity. Despite the fact that human activity is an important factor, natural changes are also the ones that caused the loss of sea ice.

A new study shows that there are two factors that should be taken into consideration when we talk about sea ice loss. This study is a rare attempt because it wanted to quantify the contribution of nature and humans to this problem. Despite the fact that it is hard to calculate for sure the effects of human and the contribution of nature, the researchers were able to estimate them.

Natural Changes Affected The Sea Ice

Although many people don’t believe in climate change, its effects can be seen. The Arctic is an area that has been affected by this phenomenon. The sea ice is melting, more and more, every day. This change is also affecting the animals that live there. Polar bears, for instance, are endangered animals due to the fact that they are losing their habitat.

People have been debating a lot on the matter of natural changes causing sea ice loss. This study showed that almost 60% of the sea ice decline was caused by changes in atmospheric circulation. When they combined the results from the summertime changes and the fall and winter one, they observed that nature is the one to blame for 40-50% of sea ice loss.

Human Activity affecting the Arctic

Since less than 50% of sea ice loss was caused by natural changes, this leaves a 50% to human activity. Researchers mentioned that this is not great news at all. This shows that human activity has an effect on the entire world

“Continuing to put carbon dioxide and other emissions into the atmosphere is having a direct negative impact on the Arctic, including sea ice,” mentioned Twila Moon from the University of Bristol

This research was conducted in order to help people understand the damage that was done to the Arctic. The scientists mentioned that it is important to know the factors that affect the sea ice before we can try to save it.

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Twitter Flags Sensitive Accounts

Twitter sensitive accounts

Now, there are sensitive accounts on Twitter instead of just posts.

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that cares about its users. Since it is very popular and a lot of people post there, it is expected to find some inappropriate content. In order to get rid of that content and to make users feel safe, Twitter has been trying to flag anything that is racist or violent.

Until now, the things that were flagged as sensitive were the posts. A few days ago, Twitter’s decided to make a change. Now, there are sensitive accounts instead of just posts. This means that the company is making it hard for those users that have posted inappropriate content.

For instance, once you post something that it is considered as abusive, the whole account is considered sensitive. Normally, in this case, the post would have been flagged as abusive or deleted. Due to the fact that now there are sensitive accounts instead of simple posts, people are not pleased.

Many people think that this is a bit abusive because it can be considered a violation of the freedom of speech. This might be a little over the line for those who believe this. Yes, Twitter decision to flag sensitive accounts is a bit harsh considering that some people only posted abusive content once.

The sensitive accounts are not available for everyone. Since this is only a limited rollout of the feature, only some people have been listed with sensitive accounts. This means that when somebody enters their account they are going to see a message. That warning message states that the account has sensitive content. The users are asked if they want to continue and to see that account.

After the warning message appears people have the option to view the profile or to go back. Another problem is that people who have sensitive accounts were not notified by Twitter. Many of these people mentioned that they did not receive an email or a message stating that they have posted abusive content or that they have been switched to a sensitive account.

When the company was asked about this change they did not say a lot. The only thing the social media platform spokesman said is that this is just a limited feature. They are only trying it out to see if it is better for their users. Seeing the reactions that were tweeted on the platform some may say that it is not the best decision Twitter made.

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Interval Training Exercise Might Make You Look Younger

interval training

A new study focused on showing how high-intensity interval training can help us.

Exercise, exercise, exercise! This is what we hear every day. Although many people know the benefits working out brings to them, they don’t do it. A lot of researchers proved that exercising regularly is the best medicine for us. No matter if we are too tired or we want to lose weight, it is better to work out than to take drugs.

A new study focused on showing how high-intensity interval training can help us. You probably heard about this high-intensity interval training. These workouts involve short bursts of highly intense aerobic activity followed by moderate exercise. This type of interval training is apparently the best for our health.

Interval training is the type of workout that is known for reversing age-related changes. People who practice this training help their cells produce more proteins. After that, the proteins give them more energy. This is the thing that helps people feel and look younger.

In order to see which type of exercise is best for people, researchers analyzed women and men. These people were from 2 age groups. The “young group” was composed of people between 18 and 30. The “older group” had people between 65 and 80.

Researchers put all of the participants in 3 mixed groups.All of the groups contained both young and old, women and men. Each group received a different type of training. The training program took 3 months. The first group did interval training exercises. The second group focused on strength training while the last group combined both.

The team that conducted this study mentioned that they wanted to see to which type of training do people respond better. It was observed that all types of training improve overall fitness. The difference between these training sessions was at the cellular and muscle levels.

Those who did strength training had more defined and bigger muscles. This is also great for older people because they lose their muscle mass as they get older. People who had interval training exercises were the ones that benefited at the cellular level. The study showed that exercise is important and that it helps treat some health conditions and also prevent others.

What is your opinion about this study? Did you try this type of workout?

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