Interval Training Exercise Might Make You Look Younger

interval training

A new study focused on showing how high-intensity interval training can help us.

Exercise, exercise, exercise! This is what we hear every day. Although many people know the benefits working out brings to them, they don’t do it. A lot of researchers proved that exercising regularly is the best medicine for us. No matter if we are too tired or we want to lose weight, it is better to work out than to take drugs.

A new study focused on showing how high-intensity interval training can help us. You probably heard about this high-intensity interval training. These workouts involve short bursts of highly intense aerobic activity followed by moderate exercise. This type of interval training is apparently the best for our health.

Interval training is the type of workout that is known for reversing age-related changes. People who practice this training help their cells produce more proteins. After that, the proteins give them more energy. This is the thing that helps people feel and look younger.

In order to see which type of exercise is best for people, researchers analyzed women and men. These people were from 2 age groups. The “young group” was composed of people between 18 and 30. The “older group” had people between 65 and 80.

Researchers put all of the participants in 3 mixed groups.All of the groups contained both young and old, women and men. Each group received a different type of training. The training program took 3 months. The first group did interval training exercises. The second group focused on strength training while the last group combined both.

The team that conducted this study mentioned that they wanted to see to which type of training do people respond better. It was observed that all types of training improve overall fitness. The difference between these training sessions was at the cellular and muscle levels.

Those who did strength training had more defined and bigger muscles. This is also great for older people because they lose their muscle mass as they get older. People who had interval training exercises were the ones that benefited at the cellular level. The study showed that exercise is important and that it helps treat some health conditions and also prevent others.

What is your opinion about this study? Did you try this type of workout?

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