People with Slim Jawlines More Likely To Be Left-Handed


A new research observed that people who have a slim jawline are more likely to be left-handed.

Many people associate left-handedness with different random things including a higher rate of mortality. Now, a new research shows a connection between left-handed people and a slim jawline. Those who have certain facial figures are more likely to favor their left hand.

People who have a convex facial profile, as well as a slender jaw, are 25% more likely to write with their left hand. This new study was published in the Journal Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain & Cognition. A team of scientists from the University of Washington conducted this latest research.

For their study, the researchers used three national health surveys. More than 13,536 people in the US were involved in these. The researchers observed that people who have a slim jawline are more likely to be left-handed.

Left-Handed People Could Be At A Higher Risk Of Developing TB?

A slender jaw is actually as rare as writing with your left hand. Only 1 in 5 US people have a slender jaw, and 10% of the population is left-handed. There is a problem too. People who have this facial figure reportedly also have a higher risk of developing tuberculosis.

“Almost 2,000 years ago a Greek physician was first to identify slender jaws as a marker for TB susceptibility, and he turned out to be right.” said study author, Philippe Hujoel.

A lot of studies showed that people who have a slender jaw are more likely to have tuberculosis. Low body weight, as well as a slender jaw, are known as TB markers. Researchers now believe that there is a connection between all three of these elements: TB, a slim jawline, and left-handedness.

For instance, the UK is considered the TB capital of Western Europe. This country registers the highest number of left-handed people, and also a lot of people have slender faces. On the other hand, Eskimos have the lowest rate of TB. This is because most of them are right-handed and also have robust facial features.

The team mentioned the need for more studies on this topic before they can make a connection between the three elements. Now, people will just have to wait and see what new correlations appear between left-handedness and seemingly random things.

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