Having a Fiber-Rich Diet Keeps Your Waistline In Check as Well as Blood Sugar and Colon Health (Study)

Fiber-rich diet to control weight, blood sugar and

Having a fiber-rich diet can help people prevent bowel disease and diabetes, scientists claim.

Even if Christmas came to an end, that doesn’t mean high-calorie foods are out of the picture. A new study published in the journal Cell Host and Microbe, suggests that keeping a fiber-rich diet will shave off and control your weight as well as influence blood sugar and colon health. In other words, the more calories one consumes, the higher the chance of contracting a bowel disease or even diabetes.

According to the study’s researchers, calories play a small part in a healthy diet as the overall benefits stem from fibers. These fibers resist digestion by the body but are easily eaten by bacteria in the gut.

While fiber has been proven to influence weight gain, blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, and colon health, a lack of fiber in one’s diet may result in the development of bowel diseases. From bowel diseases, other health complications may arise including health gain and diabetes.

“Diets that lack fiber alter the bacterial composition and bacterial metabolism, which in turn causes defects to the inner mucus layer and allows bacteria to come close,” states Gunnar C. Hansson, Professor at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

The data that displays the benefits of a fiber-rich diet has been based on two studies conducted on mice that had a very low fiber diet.

In the first study, the mice developed problems with the protective mucus layer in the colon in about seven days of starting a low fiber diet.

The second study revealed that colon thickness of mice who had a low-fiber diet shrank which in turn led to the development of unhealthy imbalances of gut bacteria strains.

Fibre can be found in various foods including fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. While adding fiber-rich foods in one’s diet is a surefire way of improving health, researchers stress that further studies need to be conducted on the link between fiber’s health benefits and staving off bowel diseases.

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